10 Amazing Examples of Gothic Architecture in the World

Gothic style is amazing, it is not subject to time and impresses with its forms. In architecture, it is considered one of the most expressive style, invented by mankind. It’s not only the classic medieval religious buildings and castles, and modern residential buildings. We offer an overview of the striking examples of world architecture in the Gothic style.

Gothic style has several forms, but they are all beautiful. Gothic France, England and Italy can not be compared, because it is unique. France – a country where he was born and gained his soul. It built the church of the 12th century and modern religious buildings. In this style, everything is fine – on the form to the details.

10. St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna



St. Stephen’s Cathedral was built in 1147 and is one of the most outstanding and beautiful buildings built in the gothic style. He was considered the mother church of Catholicism in Austria and the seat of the Archbishop. Cathedral has stood the test of time and survived many historical events. The roof is unique and the most recognizable buildings in Vienna covered with multi-colored tiles. Few people know that the north tower was a mirror image of the south. In 1511 the northern tip of the tower added in the Renaissance style, which the Viennese call “tip in the form of a water tower.” During the Second World War, the bells of the cathedral, which was on the south tower disappeared. Bells north tower survived and are still operating.The oldest part of the cathedral is considered Roman Tower and the “giant gate”.

9. Mir Castle


Mir Castle is an impressive example of Gothic architecture of the 16th century. It is located in the Grodno region and is one of the most interesting tourist sites in Belarus. Three-storey Gothic castle was built by Count Ilyinich in the 1500s, and Nicholas Radziwill, the second owner of the castle, completed its construction in the Renaissance style. In the courtyard of the castle, near the northern walls, broken Italian gardens.


Mir Castle survived the destruction during the war with Napoleon. Nikolay Svyatopolk-Mirsky purchased the castle and began its reconstruction, which finished by his son, hired architect Theodore Bourget.Mirsky family owned the castle until 1939. Today it is a national monument of culture and is revered by locals and tourists.

8. The Antwerp Cathedral



Cathedral of Our Lady, owned by the Roman Catholic Church, is located in Antwerp, Belgium.Construction on the site of a former chapel ages 9-12 began in 1352 and continued until 1521. Today the cathedral is considered the largest and most strikingly beautiful buildings in the Gothic style in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 1533 there was a fire, and the cathedral was destroyed. From 1559, he served as the residence of the archbishop. During military operations since the 1800’s to the 1900’s cathedral was damaged several times and restored, but neither fire nor war could not destroy this magnificent structure, which became immortal. The last restoration of the monument of Gothic architecture began in 1965 and ended in 1993.

7. Cologne Cathedral


Construction of another masterpiece of Gothic architecture, Cologne Cathedral, started in 1248 and lasted until 1473, but has not been completed, and continued in the 19th century. The cathedral, a symbol of the Roman Catholic Church and the German Gothic architecture, is located in Cologne, Germany, is the seat of the Archbishop and is among the monuments included in the list of world cultural heritage.


It is the largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe and the second tallest cathedral in the world. In it are many relics, which you can view. The cathedral was designed like the Cathedral of Our Lady of Amiens. At the heart – the Latin cross and high Gothic vaults. As you can admire the stained glass windows, high altar, original furniture – this cathedral is a real treasure.

6. Burgos Cathedral



Burgos Cathedral, the creation of the 13th century, located in Spain, belongs to the Roman Catholic Church and is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Construction and reconstruction lasted from the 13th to the 16th century, just as in the cathedral there were elements in the Renaissance style. In 1984, it made the list of world cultural heritage. The cathedral is full of historically and culturally valuable objects – statues of the 12 apostles to the chapel of relics and works of art, statues of angels, knights.

5. St. Vitus Cathedral



Located in Prague St. Vitus Cathedral, the majestic monument of Gothic architecture, the reality is much more beautiful than talk about it. He is revered not only for its beauty but also because this is considered the main temple from the Czech Republic. It is also the largest in the country. Inside the cathedral are the tombs of Roman emperors and kings of Bohemia.

4. Westminster Abbey




Westminster Abbey is known as the Church of St Peter at Westminster. This building is not only a vivid example of Gothic architecture in England, but the main religious building of the country. At the site of the cathedral in the 1000’s was the church Thorn Ey, and in 1245 on the orders of Henry III in this place began construction of the cathedral, where he wanted to be buried. It passed 15 weddings monarchs. Today he is not only impressive in its grandeur, but also the fact that a witness to many historical events.

3. Chartres Cathedral


Chartres Cathedral, Chartres, France

Chartres Cathedral or the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres – a medieval building of the Roman Catholic Church, located in France. The main building took place in the period from 1194 to 1250. In the 13th century was carried out minor renovation, which resulted in added additional features of the Gothic style, and to this day has kept its unique beauty in its original form. Cathedral associated with such a relic as Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who was on it at the time of Jesus’ birth. The cathedral is a place of pilgrimage and the faithful and tourists.

2. Castle Reynshtayn


Castle Reynshtayn is fabulously beautiful Gothic castle, which is located on a hillside in Germany. It was built in the period from 1316 to 1344 years. In 1794 it was bought and rebuilt by the Prussian Prince Frederick, who lived there until 1863.

1. City Hall in Oudenaarde


City Hall in the Gothic style located in Oudenaarde, Belgium. The author of this architectural masterpiece, the construction of which took place in the period from 1526 to 1537 years, is the architect Hendrik van Pede. All lovers of history and art lovers advise you to visit this magnificent building.

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