10 Astounding Baby Carriages

You always want to give the best to your babies and if the best things are unique too then you will buy those things immediately. The designers of baby carriages are very familiar with this human tendency and thus they always try to present these carriages in new avatar. So, here are some of the exciting carriages which also fascinate your babies.

1) Retro Baby Carriage –

This carriage will remind you of the retro world of 50’s. designed by Giordani Bambino this carriage is of price $2,200.

Retro Baby Carriage2)Egg-shaped Baby Carriage –

As chicks are very safe inside the eggs before coming out similarly your child will feel the same safety and warmth inside this egg carriage. It is designed by the artist John Knott.

Egg-shaped Baby Carriage3) Gun-shaped Baby Carriage –

What impact it will leave on your baby? I am not sure but this one must be liked by the gray image people.

Gun-shaped Baby Carriage4) Bike Baby Carriage –

This amazing baby carriage can burn your extra fat too. But you have to pay a big amount of 3,150 British Pound for it.

Bike Baby Carriage5) The Monster Baby Carriage –

If you want to make your baby brave then you can buy this ugly piece of shit. How can anyone like this brain of Cyclops?

The Monster Baby Carriage6) Samsonite’s Traveler Baby Carriage –

It’s no wonder because the carriage is made by the suitcase giant Samsonite which always enthralls the others by its new products. This baby carriage suitcase is designed by Castiglionemorellidesign along with Rafael Vinader Balibre.

Samsonite's Traveler Baby Carriage7) Eco-friendly Baby Carriage –

This Eco friendly carriage is designed in Japan and it runs on Solar Light. This future baby carriage is very lovely and attracting.

Eco-friendly Baby Carriage8)The Roller Buggy (Scooter+stroller) –

Now you can take the fun of scooting as well as strolling your baby together as Valentin Vodev, a member of Creative Industrial Objects designed this for you. It is also incorporated with the hydraulic brakes having two disc brakes for the safety of your little baby.

The Roller Buggy (Scooter+stroller)9) Star Wars Stroller  –

This stroller is again a gift for star wars lovers, I don’t know that how many people are still crazy for this movie!

AT-AT Imperial Walker Baby Carriage

10)Phantom Baby Strollers –

These strollers are the phantoms in their world of baby strollers. This beautifully muscled carriages are astonishing.


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