10 Awesome Rugs and Carpets

To beautify our houses we generally buy and spread carpets or rugs on our floors which not only increase the charm but also keep us warm and prevent dust.  But some like these to be weird and so crazy designs are made on them. We are discussing here only 10 of the unusual carpets or rugs which definitely entertain you.

1) Grand Grand Splatch –

This amazing rug has a design of water splash in it and is created by Puspam.

10 Awesome Rugs and Carpets2) The map of Iraq –

This rug has small soldiers who are marching towards Iraq from different directions and is very pretty.

10 Awesome Rugs and Carpets3) Hopscotch Carpet –

This carpet can be used to play the game you love in your childhood. Moreover your small children like it very much as they can still play on this.

10 Awesome Rugs and Carpets4) Forest Roll –

This is designed by Aguiniga designs and will let you feel the cool environment of the forests.

10 Awesome Rugs and Carpets5) Mario Racoon rug –

This 7*7 ft rug is all hand woven and is presented as a birthday gift which reminds you of the Mario game.

10 Awesome Rugs and Carpets6) The Sightlines carpet  –

The designer Bev Hisey tried to present his number of visits to an eye specialist which he made last year.

10 Awesome Rugs and Carpets7) Paper Yarn Carpet –

This carpet is made of paper yarn and can be converted from 2 dimensional to three dimensional when needed. This carpet is very innovative and you can shape it as you like. It is designed by Anne Lykke.

10 Awesome Rugs and Carpets8) Cell Carpet –

This carpet is the dear one for the biology students as it has cells and tissues engraved on it.

10 Awesome Rugs and Carpets9) Dog carpets –

You must want to feel the warmth of your doggy but if your dog doesn’t let you to do this then you can feel the same on this carpet. http://www.made-in-england.org/images/dog-carpets.jpg 10) Sleepers Carpet –

This amazing creation provides you with the sleepers too which are very comfortable and beautiful. http://do-while.com/img/life/unusual-carpets/unusual-carpets13.jpg

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