10 Best Ways To Cheer Up Your Mind

The human brain contains more than 80 billion neurons, and its weight is about 2% by weight of the entire body. For their livelihoods our brain requires almost 20% of all energy comes from food. And such a “voracity” the human brain shows even when nothing sensible not think, but just to say, there is. We offer you a selection of popular tips on how to make your brain work more productively, and not just to oxidize glucose idling.
1. Physical exercise

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We all know that exercise is simply necessary to keep the muscles in good shape. But it turns out, this is not their only use. During intense movements improves blood supply not only muscles but also the brain that immediately improves its overall performance.Particularly well contribute to this inverted yoga poses, when the head is below the heart.

2. Drink water

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Many of us just can not imagine myself without an invigorating morning cup of coffee. But caffeine, like any other stimulant, has a very short time, and when it finishes, the man then leans back causeless fatigue and apathy. They say that if he woke up in the morning, immediately drink a glass of plain water instead of coffee, it will bring much more lasting sense of vivacity. Water, drunk on an empty stomach, well activates the gastrointestinal tract, without annoying the mucous membranes (as it does the same hot, strong coffee), and it immediately entails a sense of vivacity.

3. Activate all senses

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Person very well perceive color, but not too strong in odor recognition. Nevertheless, good smells can help to focus and give vigor. Specialists advise to use aromatherapy scents of basil, rosemary, lemon balm, thyme, rose and lavender in situations where focus particularly needed.
4. Look around the positive

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As is well known in a quiet environment, there is no need to hurry and have nothing to fear, any job, including mental, is much easier to perform. Unfortunately, in real life, such cases are very rare. But if you focus on the bright side, it will significantly increase productivity.

5. Play puzzle

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All kinds of puzzles, crosswords, sudoku and word games make it possible not only to “kill time”, but also provide the brain a good workout. In case of illness, these lessons can even help restore damaged cognitive abilities. And if you like these games, then quietly indulge in leisure time hobby, and your brain will be in a good tone even on vacation.

6. See high-quality television programs

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The assertion that “television dulls” known to all and already rather crammed mouth. But it dulls only if watch TV for too long, and watch all indiscriminately. If the same approach to the choice of gears wisely, practically on any channel you can find many informative.

7. Use Internet Treasure

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Everyone knows that the Internet have any information about everything. Only need to ask the right questions. Here and join in this case. Many studies show that the process of finding information on the Internet downloads brain even more than usual reading.

8. Eat right

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As the main “fuel” the human brain uses glucose. But this does not mean that in order to become more intelligent, you need to lean on the sweet. Just the opposite. The proper way to clear the mind and sober memory – is banal “health food”, in which a lot of vegetables and fruits, sweets and refined assigned modest supporting role.
9. Ask for help to herbs

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Today, both folk and official medicine known a lot of completely harmless herbal remedies that can significantly improve human cognitive abilities and enhance its ability to handle stress. An example of this miracle herb can serve the famous ginseng.

10. Do not stop learning something new

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It is known that even the most “pumped” muscles very quickly turns into a sagging flesh, if it does not receive the required load. Approximately, the same thing happens with the brain – even the most talented and capable brain, if it has not, very quickly “otupeet.” To avoid this, constantly invent yourself some new classes. You can learn foreign languages, cooking, painting or modeling to do – a lot of variants. Just 15 minutes a day of cognitive activity protect from degradation of the brain better than any drug.

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