10 Bizarre Photos of Owling

The brand new version of pranking is owling in which people prefer to go on the top of the roofs of houses or buildings, cars, stairs and many other unusual places for their pictures. This new way of pranking is definitely very weird but some likes to be odd and bad and here are some of its perfect examples.

1) Picture 1 –

If owls get extinct one day this man will come to your roof tops and looks for his prey.

10 Bizarre Photos of Owling2) Picture 2 –

Its time for a new super hero to come in light. This time its “Owl man”.
10 Bizarre Photos of Owling3) Picture 3 –

Are they children of the humans? Or they are of owls? This picture actually shook my mind completely.

10 Bizarre Photos of Owling4) Picture 4 –

Again an owl on an owl. They are born brothers and have blood of owl in their nerves.

10 Bizarre Photos of Owling5) Picture 5 –

This man started eating mouse and other animals and that too raw. That’s why he is searching for the same.

10 Bizarre Photos of Owling6) Picture 6 –

God protect this fridge! He has no other place instead of top of the fridge for owling.
10 Bizarre Photos of Owling7) Picture 7 –

This is the first man-owl hybrid which can survive in the water too.
10 Bizarre Photos of Owling8) Picture 8 –

Ma’am please pay the attention otherwise the results will be severe.

10 Bizarre Photos of Owling9) Picture 9 –

This woman is alive witch. And to prove the same she is scaring others through owling.


10) Picture 10 –

This cheer girls gave their profession and now are in the business of owling.


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