10 Bizarre Wedding Proposals By Gurus

Everyone proposes someone at least once in a life time, some try it plainly and some try it bizarrely. Plain proposals are very common and seen by everyone but what about these technology geeks who give proposals in the freaking ways. These gurus have their own styles and they are very happy in their unique world. So let’s take a visit to some of the funny geek’s proposals.

1) Borderlands Video game Proposal –

Ben is a gamer and he loves his Borderlands games more than anything, so he decided to propose his girlfriend through a Borderland game and the rest is in front of your eyes.

Borderlands Videogame Proposal2) Harry Potter Proposal –

Trehlo proposed his girlfriend by gifting her this J.K.Rowling’s book and a beautiful ring just at the starting of chapter one where some related text is given.

Harry Potter Proposal3) Groupon’s Proposal –

Greg H. of Cincinnati proposed his gf through a website called Groupon and he transferred his $999,998 from $999,999 to his gf when she accepted the proposal.

Groupon's Proposal4) Captain Jean-Luc Picard Proposal –

Lady what would you say? Yes or No? look at the taste of the guy!

Captain Jean-Luc Picard Proposal5) Treasure Hunt iPhone App Proposal –

Bryan Haggerty customized an iPhone app to propose her girlfriend which includes maps, videos and clues.

Treasure Hunt iPhone App Proposal6) Pokemon Proposal –

A lovely proposal by a pokemon lover for a pokeman lover.

Pokemon Proposal7) Mario Proposal –

He is the one who converted his living room into the world of Mario to propose his girlfriend.

Mario Proposal8) Storm Trooper Proposal –

At Atlanta this all happens and look at the gift given by his gf.

Storm Trooper Proposal9) Bejeweled Game Proposal –

Bernie Peng, a s/w programmer proposed his girlfriend Li by a game known as Bejeweled. he hacked the game and set really low scores in the game. When she reached the certain scores a ring and his proposal came in front of her.

Bejeweled Game Proposal10) Google Maps Proposals –

Weiss Malik is a Google Map employee and he got his buddies on the street view team to give him a heads-up by the next time the street view car was coming. On the final day he came up with a banner. Then he appealed Leslie for the exact co-ordinates so that she could read his proposal.

Google Maps Proposal

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