10 Cool Stories Of the Week – July 1st to July 7th, 2012

Company in Scotland is using dirty diapers…, Hellboy…, Utah mayor puts fate…, The tallest building in London…, Panda cubs playing…, CERN lab…,  Scientists unravel genome…,  Android smartphone…, antisocial times…, high-resolution photos of iridescent bubbles popping…1. Company in Scotland is using dirty diapers to create patio furniture. Because if it’s not Scottish, it’s crap

Recycling firm Knowaste partners with Zero Waste Scotland to launch a 6-month pilot scheme that will enable more than 35,000 households to recycle soiled nappies and other absorbent waste products curbside.

2. Not news: Ron Perlman takes part in Make-a-Wish event. Coolness: Dressed as Hellboy 

So, I spotted this story and thought it’d be something really cool to share with you all. This is a really touching story involving Ron Perlman himself once again dressing up as Hellboy to make a young boys wish come true. Zachary is six, and is currently being treated for leukemia and Ron went above and beyond to make this wish a reality.

 3.  Utah mayor puts fate of his amazing handlebar mustache in hands of the voters

Mayor Dan Snarr of Murray, Utah loves his perfect handlebar mustache, but his wife thinks it’s gone too far and should be trimmed back. “I’m a little bit different, a little bit strange. I admit it,” Snarr says.

 4. The tallest building in London shootin’ friggin’ lasers for its unveiling? It’s more likely than you think

Beams of light shot out of The Shard on the banks of the River Thames to mark the completion of the skyscraper’s exterior. The view from inside is equally awesome. I was one of the first journalists welcomed in for a sneak peek a few hours before last night’s breath-taking display, which was rehearsed days earlier.

 5. Ugly-a*s Panda cubs playing on an ugly-a*s slide.(video)

Four panda cubs play on a wooden slide at the Chengdu Panda Base in China. The video, released as part of what conservationists call Panda Awareness Week, shows the baby pandas climbing up the steps and then sliding down, sometimes all at the same time. The pandas are encouraged to play on the slide by staff at the giant panda breeding base

 6. Pictures of the inside of the CERN lab. It looks like the Death Star

Scientists working with data from ongoing experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) announced the discovery of a new particle “consistent with” the Higgs boson — a subatomic particle also colloquially referred to as the “God particle.” After years of design and construction, the LHC first sent protons around its 27 kilometer (17 mile) underground tunnel in 2008.

 7. Scientists unravel genome for seven different melon varieties, which they say will lead to tastier fruit, superpowers. Okay, they didn’t really say superpowers, but with scientists you know it’s always on the list

Spanish scientists have made a major breakthrough unravelling the genomes for seven different melon varieties, which could help develop pest resistant fruit with better organoleptic qualities. Nine Spanish research centres, five private companies and five regional authorities worked together on the project entitled Melonomics.

 8. Want an Android smartphone, but are unwilling to pay hundreds of dollars for a reference model with UI lag? Amazon hears ya 

Amazon is currently developing a smartphone, if Bloomberg‘s “people with knowledge of the matter” are to be believed. The report doesn’t have a lot of details to go on, but the retailer is said to be working with Foxconn on the device, which will compete with the iPhone and Android smartphones. While Amazon’s previous foray into manufacturing its own mobile hardware, the Kindle Fire tablet, technically ran Android, its software was so heavily modified that many have speculated that the company could apply the same formula to the mobile space. We recently heard from Skyhook’s CEO that a “major” new Android phone outside the Google Play ecosystem would be launching this year.

 9.  Social design in antisocial times

When someone orders a coffee they’re sold two modern design values. Their chocolate-dusted vanilla mocha is their very own bespoke beverage and the cardboard mug they take it away in completes the very solitary, personalised experience of a daily staple.

 10. Awesome high-resolution photos of iridescent bubbles popping. Warning: do not view if you have recently ingested LSD

After checking out his colorful mosaics, his dancing salts, and his glowing lamp lights, we realized that we just can’t get enough of Fabian Oefner’s amazing work! So here is yet another inspiring project, entitled Bursting Soap Bubbles, by the photographer who is fascinated with scientific phenomena. In this series, Oefner magically captures soap bubble details that are generally difficult to see with the naked eye.