10 Cool Stories Of the Week – July 21th to July 28th, 2012

Come for the glory…, Amazon employee …, Indiana Jones producer…, Movietone News covers …,  Nice job, Starling Marte…,  Impressive…, Mel Brooks, 86…, Grand Canyon…, Walking on water…, NY vs London…

1. Come for the glory, the history and the international rivalry. Stay for finding out which country has the most attractive athletes. Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremonies discussion thread (7:30 ET on NBC)

The moment everyone was waiting for finally arrived. The Olympic torch, which spent 70 days traveling across the United Kingdom, carried by 8,000 torchbearers from all walks of life, made its way into the stadium.

2. Amazon employee asks boss Jeff Bezos for $200k to support marriage equality; he responds by giving $2.5 million

The moment everyone was waiting for finally arrived. The Olympic torch, which spent 70 days traveling across the United Kingdom, carried by 8,000 torchbearers from all walks of life, made its way into the stadium.

3.  Indiana Jones producer says a fifth movie is unlikely. It must not have survived the nuclear blast in that refrigerator

Two years ago, Shia LaBeof said Steven Spielberg had just “cracked the story” on a fifth Indiana Jones movie and was “gearing that up”. Because 2008′s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was such a great movie, of course. So great I had to Google it to remember the stupid title. We hoped this sequel plan would be chased off a cliff by a monkey army and/or put into a fridge at a nuclear test site (because, despite what they would have you believe, you don’t survive nuking the fridge)

4. Movietone News covers the London Olympics opening ceremony… of 1948

The Olympic Games last took place in London in 1948 as Europe continued to emerge from the shadow of World War II. Dubbed “the Austerity Olympics”, the 1948 Games were greeted enthusiastically by thousands who attended the opening ceremony and watched the torch being carried into Wembley Stadium by John Mark.

5. Nice job, Starling Marte, but you still had the 2nd-best MLB debut that anyone had yesterday

Matt Harvey’s teammates noticed the self-assurance in spring training, and they read the papers. I’m ready for the big leagues, the kid kept finding ways to say, despite results that argued otherwise. Veteran Mets shrugged, and wondered if Harvey would back up the talk. The front office was dubious, too; in the spring, Sandy Alderson told the Daily News that “aside from Matt himself — and I love that he thinks this way — there is no one in the organization who feels he is ready to be in the major leagues.”

 6. Impressive: South Korean archer breaks a world record in Olympic qualifying event scoring 699 with 72 arrows. Holy crap: He’s so near-sighted all he can see is “a blob of yellow” where the target should be

South Korea’s Im Dong-hyun broke his own 72-arrow world record in the archery ranking round for the London Olympics with a score of 699 on Friday. Im and his South Korean team mates, Kim Bub-min and Oh Jin-hyek, also broke the team world record for 72 arrows with a score of 2,087 at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

7. Mel Brooks, 86, on why he changed from writer to director and his philosophy of directing comedy

One of Mel Brooks’ biggest problems directing such classics asThe ProducersBlazing Saddles, and Young Frankenstein was that his crew was always cracking up. With some of the most clever, hilarious, and outrageous moments ever put on film, who could blame them?

 8. You’d think that by now, what with spy sattelites and all, there really weren’t any great geographic suprises left on earth, like say, an undiscovered canyon bigger than the Grand Canyon in Az; but then, you’d be wrong

A dramatic gash in the surface of the Earth that could rival the majesty of the Grand Canyon has been discovered secreted beneath Antarctica’s vast, featureless ice sheet. Dubbed the Ferrigno Rift for the glacier that fills it, the chasm’s steep walls plunge nearly a mile down (1.5 kilometers) at its deepest. It is roughly 6 miles (10 km) across and at least 62 miles (100 km) long, possibly far longer if it extends into the sea.

9.  Walking on water can make people invincible

As it turns out, walking on water is not that difficult. The success of this undertaking depends on how much corn flour starch you have. If you have enough of this substance, you can easily impress your friends with a simple but a very effective trick that can be a highlight of any pool party.

 10. NY vs London: A drinker’s guide to forgetting your name and sleeping with whoever says yes

New York and London both vie for worldwide supremacy when it comes to fantastic bars. But just as the two cities are separated by the Atlantic and a standing disagreement over the definition of the word “chip,” their cocktail cultures are also divided. To examine the differences, F&W spoke to two experts: American cocktail historian David Wondrich and British bartender Simon Ford, brand ambassador for Pernod-Ricard U.S.A. “American cocktail culture is a little more down to earth.

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