10 Cool Stories Of the Week – June 09th to June 16th, 2012

hard drive in super slow-mo…,  22-minute set at Amoeba Music…,  Washington DC is becoming a trendy food mecca…, try this at home…,  Transformers fan…, In 1905 an 11-year-old boy was just chillin…, sculpt a giant bunny …, Stanley Kubric…, Will Ultimate X steal the show…, 30,000 year-old cave paintings… 

1. Here’s a hard drive in super slow-mo, watch as it accesses your mom’s scheiße videos 

The Slo-Mo Guys — a YouTube channel filled with fast things in slow motion — have a go at a hard drive. It’s pretty amazing on its own — seeing that blurred, too-fast-to-follow arm slowed down is like kung-fu bullet-time for electronics. But once they start splashing water on the mechanism? Woah.

2. They Might Be Giants played a 22-minute set at Amoeba Music, and now you can watch their awesome set

Last November, They Might Be Giants stopped by Hollywood San Francisco behemothAmoeba Music to celebrate the release of their second album of 2011, the compilationAlbum Raises New and Troubling Questions. The group jammed out an 8-song, 22-minute set that the record store recently posted on its website. Check it out above.

 3. According to Rachael Ray, Washington DC is becoming a trendy food mecca thanks to Barack Obama, who likes to dine at locally owned restaurants 

The magazine bearing the name of everyone’s mom’s favorite TV chefRachael Ray has published a lengthy spread about the wonders of the DC culinary scene in its July/August issue. Hitting newsstands right about now,Every Day With Rachael Raydescribes DC as, “A New Culinary Capital.” The piece likely isn’t going to be posted online, but Eater got a sneak peek and can report that, yes, it’s pretty much everything one would expect, meaning a lot about celebrity chefs and the Obama family, plus the obligatory expression of shock that DC maybe isn’t so lame after all. Here are some of the highlights:

 4. Please, try this at home

Everyone is bound to have at least one burned out light bulb sitting around the house, and what better way to make use of it than by turning it into a planter? That is just one of the many fun things you can make at home this weekend. Continue reading to see more.

 5. Transformers fan? ☑ Wine connoisseur? ☑ This guy has you covered

Do you often find yourself thinking, “man, I could really use a 1-ton wine rack transformer. That’d really round out the living room.” Me too, viewer, me too. Now you can make your dream a reality by buying the only wine-rack transformer in existence!

 6.  In 1905 an 11-year-old boy was just chillin’ and eventually changed summer forever

Ever wonder why the popsicles you make at home don’t taste quite as uniformly delicious as the ones in the freezer case? Well, you may have been perfecting your popsicle-making technique for years, but the ones in the store have a hundred years of science and innovation in their corner. It all started with one particularly brilliant 11-year-old boy…

 7. Statues of soldiers holding guns is so cliche for military memorials; how about we sculpt a giant bunny instead?

A local veterans group is angry over a large bunny on display as part of a public art project meant to raise funds and generate interest in the arts. The display is next to a veterans memorial. The sounds of Flag Day were silenced by veterans on parade Thursday. “Usually we fire in Oakdale Square but we refused to do so,” said Frank Currin, Vietnam veteran.

 8. Stanley Kubrick was a perfectionist, as seen in his 10-point letter sent to projectionists specifying the number of feet of film for the intermission, the proper aspect ratio, and how many foot-lamberts of light should be on screen

I admit that my comportment during the recent online debate concerning the aspect ratio of Stanley Kubrick’s 1975 Barry Lyndon and its new Blu-ray version was not always entirely pleasant or reasonable, or that it yielded entirely reliable findings. This is the sort of thing that can happen when one allows one’s (entirely understandable, I’d say) desire to tweak Jeff Wells to override concerns of etiquette and/or common sense. I did try to employ due diligence in my research and turned up some documentation supporting a 1.77 or so aspect ratio, and I did ask for other citations that would demonstrate otherwise.

 9. Will Ultimate X steal the show? Will Serg lay the smackdown on AJ Styles? Will Mr. Anderson become world heavyweight champion? It’s TNA live in the Impact Zone 8 pm

The monthly “Open Fight Night” returns, involving the competitors in the Bound For Glory Series! All 12 Wresters in the BFG Series will be in action – 6 men make challenges, 6 men will be called out! Who will take the early advantage in the point standings? Tune in and find out! – What will be X Division Champion Austin Aries’ decision about Hulk Hogan’s officer of a potential World Title shot?

 10. Researchers discover that when you apply torchlight to the 30,000 year-old cave paintings in the south of France, they become the world’s oldest cartoons 

Stone Age artists used‭ ‬cartoon-like techniques to give the impression that wild beasts were trotting or running across cave walls,‭ ‬a new study‭ has suggested. ‭Reporting in ‬ the June issue of Antiquity, archaeologist Marc Azéma of the University of Toulouse–Le Mirail in France and independent French artist Florent Rivère argued that by about‭ ‬30,000‭ ‬years ago Paleolithic artists used “animation effects” in their paintings. To render the movement, they deconstructed it in successive images.