10 Countries that allow you to Buy a Real Castle

If anyone wanted to live in a fairy tale, the purchase of the castle, perhaps a step closer to the dream. Today, it is not necessary to capture or receive as an inheritance the land, to live in their own little kingdom, as the centuries-old castles are on sale all over the world every day. And the buyer does not have to be an heir or a millionaire to buy a lock. It can be purchased at the price of apartments in Manhattan, or even cheaper, but with antique furniture, frescoes and worthy only of kings views.

For many who are passionate about history, romance novels and ancient architecture, life in the castle can be a pipe dream. The acquisition of the castle itself is an outstanding event. Most buyers have to roll up their sleeves and do things in order in the acquired lock, because the buildings hundreds of years.

French village

Finding the perfect castle in the vicinity of urban centers in France will not be easy, but in the countryside there are some stunning views. Many of these small castles were built by the nobility as hunting or summer houses. Some of the romantic royal houses of the Champagne region, which date from the 16-19 centuries, can be purchased for 500 000 euros, some – for 1 million euros or more. Locks are in the idyllic small town in the colorful district of the French heartland. In a 17th-century castle, which is located near a small village on the banks of the river in the province of Champagne, three wings, tower, number of rooms, 12 bedrooms and other rooms. Castle sold for $ 1 million. Another castle in the typical style of the rural renaissance, with a wooden roof, with 5 bedrooms, and a wine cellar with 1,600 bottles of wine, with magnificent views of the surrounding area, located in a quiet village in the province of Limousin. At the castle there is a small guest house and pool. The declared cost of the castle 1.3 million euros.


Germany – a country with a large number of locks. In rural areas of Germany are luxurious and charming castles in good condition worth several million euros and is able to ruins that may be bought for a few hundred thousand euros. Most castles in Germany occupy a large area and constructed in a unique Gothic style. For example, the neo-Gothic castle near Leipzig, built of petrified wood, was put up for sale for 790,000 -1,000,000 dollars.


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If you like the classic castles of the 19th century, the need to go to Belgium. Historic castle Hofted Linden, built in 1880, is located in a small and idyllic village near the scenic river. It spread over several floors rspolozheno many rooms, terraces, and the castle is surrounded by rich greenery of the park. The cost is $ 1.4 million.

Czech Republic

Prague is known not only for its architecture of unsurpassed beauty, but also the fact that in its surroundings are beautiful castles.Over 639,000 euros lucky be able to buy a luxury 18th century castle in Baroque style, which is located at the foot of the highest mountains in the Czech Republic. You can purchase a five-storey 18th century castle with many rooms, stables, with additional building, a large garden and gazebo. The price is $ 2 million. It requires minor renovation works, but if you want to purchase a lock cheaper for 150 000 euros, it should be ready for a serious overhaul.


Another country that affects large and beautiful castles – is Slovakia. 17th-century palace in the region Kassoviapolis used as a monastery, and was owned by the nobility. In it 25 rooms and a large wine cellar in the park area. The stated price 588,000 euros, which is slightly less than 750 000 dollars. If the price is high, then we can look at the castle in the Gothic style in the district of Bratislava for 400 000 euros. The castle, which has 35 bedrooms, located in the historical park.


Hungary – is another country in which you can go in search of the castle of dreams for a democratic price. A three-storey partially restored castle sold for 800,000 euros, and partially restored castle on the Austrian border with stunning views of the Alps near the forest of 319,000 euros.


Spain is known not only for its unique magnificent architecture in the spirit of Gaudi, but also luxurious locks that are for sale.For example, the castle of the 20th century Casas Benetez in Art Deco style in good condition and with beautiful views of the surrounding area. It is located in the beautiful province of Cuenca Spain. It can be bought for 750 000 euros, or $ 1 million. The luxurious four-storey castle with authentic architecture are 8 rooms, 6 meeting rooms, lounge and main hall.


In Italy there is a large number of historic buildings, including castles, mansions and palaces not quite standard forms in the Renaissance style. For example, the castle with stunning views of the surrounding area is constructed in the form of the tower, which is part of the castle of the 12th century and consists of three residential levels and terraces. The cost is 377,600 dollars.For those who want to buy a real castle in Italy offer a view of the castle of the 17th century Knights of Rhodes in the historic mining district of San Remo worth $ 1.3 million. This is a great country house, which was once the castle of the Knights of Rhodes. In the 18th century there was a nunnery. The castle is on three floors with terraces with beautiful views of the olive garden, plains and sea. The rooms vaulted ceilings and period features. Around the castle, there is enough land to build additional structures.

South Africa

When it comes to castles, many think of castles in Europe. But also in other parts of the world have the opportunity to acquire the lock. Total 350 000 US buyers can purchase a lock Stratford, which is on the shore of the lake in South Africa. The castle is exquisite and windows open roof garden. For an additional fee, $ 150 000, can be purchased and a fine collection of weapons and Persian carpets. In addition, in the castle court has golf course.


In Canada, too, can find several castles, but mostly they resemble European castles. In early 2014, a four-Castle New Brunswick in Moncton was for sale for 700,000 Canadian dollars or 600 000 US dollars. The area is about 6000 m2, and the castle itself boasts a chapel, vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows.

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