10 Craziest Invention of 2013

One more year is ending now 2013 and Welcome 2014, 2013 have given alot to the world,  many things happened good , bad. If we talk about tech lots of innovations have been done and science worked allot to give us new technology and new gadgets Check out….

1. Fed up with the cost and time taken to make prosthetics, British robotics expert Joel Gibbard made his own low-cost, 3D-printed robotic hand, called Dextrus. It has a greater range of movement than a typical prosthetic, is made from simple plastic components than can be individually replaced, and has a soft rubber coating for a better grip.

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2. iPads are just so…rigid – right? What the world needs is a tablet you can shove in a bag without worrying about it, read like a magazine and – potentially – wear as part of your clothing. The Papertab is made entirely from plastic, uses an e-ink display like a Kindle, and as you can see, is pretty flexible. This year the Cambridge company demonstrated the first full-colour prototypes, with resolutions approaching HD levels.

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3. The SpaceX Grasshopper rocket prototype is designed to be reusable instead of burning up in the atmosphere. It made a record-setting vertical takeoff and landing on October 7, proving that commercial spaceflight is coming of age, and doesn’t need budgets the size of NASA’s – although founder Elon Musk has put over $100million into the project. Eventually, it will be used to ferry materials into orbit.

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4. Some innovations have an eye on the future; others solve a current problem. Reviveaphone is firmly in the latter camp, and it does what it says on the tin: brings water-damaged phones back to life. Better than any DIY cures (rice in the airing cupboard) it actually uses a liquid solution to remove mineral deposits that have accumulated on the phone’s circuit boards. It’s easy to be sceptical, but with a ‘results or your money back’ policy, Reviveaphone may be able to save waterlogged iPhone owners a lot of money.

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5. Not just another massive telly, this. Samsung’s 55-inch OLED TV is, as the picture suggests, beautifully curved. They say this is so every portion of the image is equidistant from your eye – we say, it’s because they can. It doesn’t end there: the high-quality display can show two channels at once, interlaced with each other. Viewers have to wear glasses for this to work, however. It’s on sale now for £6,999.99.


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6. Lightbulbs are not often found on lists of great innovations. But the Philips Hue isn’t an ordinary lightbulb – it’s an LED bulb with wireless connectivity. This means you can set it to be any colour you want; to change colour according to the time of day, and turn it on and off remotely. The bulbs link up to your home wifi and come with an app to control them, which also lets you pick any colour from a photograph and set that as your living room theme. Great for bringing some sunshine to winter mornings or for livening up a party.

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7. The Motorola password pill. Since becoming part of Google, Motorola has been spitting out all kinds of interesting ideas. It’s a commonly accepted idea that the days of written passwords are numbered; but Motorola’s alternative is genuinely innovative, if totally creepy at the same time. The edible password pill contains a tiny chip that is powered by the acid in your stomach – it then emits a signal similar to an electrocardiogram (ECG) which can be uniquely identified by your phone, tablet or computer. It is approved as safe by the US FDA, but is unlikely to be released in the near future.

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8. The Illumiroom is the next step for Microsoft in immersive gaming. It combines the Kinect module with a projector to expand whatever game you’re playing to fill the room. Turn the lights down and watch as your living room is transformed into a racetrack, snowy blizzard or a warzone. The Kinect senses what’s in the room, letting the projector cover the surfaces appropriately. Games really do feel as though they’re coming out of the screen at you. Expect some version of this to appear on the Xbox One next year.

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9. If the Microsoft Illumiroom is about thinking big for gaming, the Oculus Rift is about thinking small. Kind of. It is the world’s first fully-functional virtual reality headset, designed to plunge you totally into a 3D world that occupies your entire field of vision. Your movements are tracked, enabling you to look around the virtual world just as you would in real life. The premise is simple enough – two cameras that present each eye with a separate image to generate the illusion of a 3D world – but the potential is enormous.

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10.Thalmic Labs’ MYO puts technology at your beck and call. It’s a flexible armband that uses muscle sensors and a 9-axis motion sensor system to recognise a wide range of gestures. Connect it with bluetooth to your device of choice and you’ll be able to run a presentation by waving, steer a helicopter drone, or simply control your TV or hi-fi with simple movements. Another gesture turns it on and off. It’s at the developer stage, meaning products aren’t yet on sale that work with it, but enthusiastic early adopters can order one now and start tinkering with anything that has a bluetooth connection.

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