10 facts about beer

We continue to share with our readers a wide variety of facts. This time it will be about beer …

10 facts about beer01 beer1. Invented beer ancient Egyptians. But they filter it and have not learned. So they drank beer through a straw. Rich Lady Pu-Abi of Mesopotamia saw the beer through a straw made of pure gold.
10 facts about beer02 beer2. Four thousand years ago in Babylon was a great tradition in the first month after the wedding, the bride’s father arranged the groom “Beer Month.” This meant that the groom could have a month to drink beer to the eyeballs by-law.
10 facts about beer03 beer3. In the Polish city of Gdansk a “beer bell.” With its tinkling in the city allowed pubs to open.
10 facts about beer04 beer4. The clock on the city gates in the town of Trutnov, established in the XVI century, in contrast, reported the completion time of visiting pubs. Who would not want to listen, also fined. If you have not heard a lover of beer and the second ring, the judge could deny his visit pubs for a year.
10 facts about beer05 beer5. In the old days of English pubs patrons were served special ceramic beer mugs, pens were whistles. After drinking beer, visitors had an opportunity, not tearing the throat, ask Supplements: just needed to whistle in the handle.
10 facts about beer06 beer6. In one Japanese city beer ad hanging Matsushiro that when an earthquake measuring up to three points (on the Japanese scale), the client receives a free beer.
10 facts about beer07 beer7. In the world there are jobs that can not be found in any book. A brewery in Melbourne, Australia is an employee whose responsibility it is to sniff a bottle washed up before feeding them to the bottling. His task to determine whether the bottle does not smell of kerosene, which has a very stable smell, can not be solved even by washing.
10 facts about beer08 beer8. The Law of Ames, Iowa, prohibits a man to go to bed with a woman if he drank more than three sips of beer. What can you do – the Puritans! By the way, George Washington kept his own beer.
10 facts about beer09 beer9. In the diamond mines of Sierra Leone gems are tested in the beer. According to British geologists, the visual quality of diamonds in the above environment become apparent.
10 facts about beer10 beer10. Beer is the best means of rodent control in Zambia. Recipe Zambian witch is simple: at night in the house leave the bowl with milk, to which is added a little beer. In the morning collecting the “harvest.” Drunken rodents have no resistance. By the way, remember that after a beer fortress 6 degrees is not recommended to drive for 45 minutes.