10 Facts About Body Weight

Science does not stand on it still,but the fact that we found few years ago are really true, May be opinion of scientists now have changed radically.Every now and then we get new factors revealed which affects weight and ability to lose weight.
Now many scientists are looking for a new relationship of weight to genetics, pregnancy, and various chemical processes in our body,Take a look.

1. This is really genetics.

10 Facts About Body Weight 1

When scientists first discovered a gene responsible for predisposition to obesity and diabetes type 2, so they named it – “obesity gene” (FTO). People who inherit this gene are usually overweight. People who inherit a double copy of the gene from both parents, the likelihood of developing diabetes was 40%, and the likelihood of obesity – 60%. Approximately 16% of the population have a double set of obesity gene, and half of us has a single gene.

But now scientists believe that genes affect weight, more – over 100. They are less affected by weight, than the main gene obesity FTO.

But the predisposition does not mean a life is sentenced. Regular exercise and a healthy diet is not a big risk it will definetly work even on genetically predisposed individuals.

2. Some people simply have more fat cells.

10 Facts About Body Weight 2

And sometimes the difference is in enormous – some people may be have 2 times more fat cells than others. And even if you lose weight, the number of fat cells you have will remain the same. Abandoned and starving, they will wait in the wings in your body and “hope” that someday they will fill the newly Zhirkov. But  that was not enough for injustice – people who have excess weight, fat cells have ability to accumulate more fat!

From where did all these  fat cells comes into the body? They are formed in childhood and adulthood. People with excess fat cells, they begin to form early (as early as age two) and, apparently, produced at a faster rate than the lucky ones with a small amount of fat cells. And though you can not control the number of fat cells (this is also likely genetics), you can not overfeed them. The number of fat cells are not so much important then their size and ability to store fat.

3. Your mother’s pregnancy has predetermined your destiny.

10 Facts About Body Weight 3

Not only  smoking or alcohol adversely affect fetal development. Sweet and fatty foods begins to harm you before you were born. Pregnant women`s are overweight, those who love sweets and fatty foods, the embryo receives more glucose and free fatty acids, compared with women of normal weight. This excess give negative effect on the metabolism and the hormonal system of the child.

4. You can change your Metabolism.

10 Facts About Body Weight 4

Metabolism determines how hard or easy you burn more calories and fat. But a slow metabolism can still be expedited. The easiest way to speed up your metabolism is by regular physical activity, especially weight training.  Muscle burns more calories than fat mass. In addition, after training the metabolism is accelerated a couple of hours. In order to not to slow down your metabolism, do not starve for more than 4 hours.

5. Stress adds your extra pounds.

10 Facts About Body Weight 5

Stress also effect to your body weight, Stressful circumstances (a scolding from the boss, a quarrel with her mother in law, poor assessment of the child, blockhead) that makes you want food rich in carbohydrates, which can soothe your nerves. If you succumb to this mechanism on a regular basis, then it will work in reverse – no favorite chocolates will lead to the development of stress hormones.

6. Sleep more – quickly lose weight.

10 Facts About Body Weight 6

If you sleep less than 7-8 hours, then trying to lose weight, do not rush to go on a diet or run to the gym. It is better to lie down and take a nap. Lack of sleep leads to weight gain and a feeling of hunger. This is because the lack of sleep is the same stress, which violates the hormonal balance, causing the body to produce less leptin (a hormone responsible for satiety) and more ghrelin (the hormone responsible for feelings of hunger). As a result, people feel constantly hungry, without a good reason.

7. The virus causes obesity.

10 Facts About Body Weight 7

Adenoviruses that cause SARS, it can cause obesity. According to recent studies, adenoviruses can increase the number of fat cells in the body, and they contain fat. It was found that people with obesity amount of antibodies to adenovirus-36 (a variety of adenoviruses) So soon will be vaccinated against the virus and obesity. It sounds too fantastic? But a few years ago it just sounded fantastic vaccination against cervical cancer, and now it is an absolute reality.

8. Chocolate is addictive.

10 Facts About Body Weight 8

Lovers of chocolate with a coveted food stimulated the same part of the brain, that alcoholics with a bottle of liquor. And it may be not only chocolate, but any other favorite food: chips, such as cola or ice cream. This may be related to dopamine, a hormone that binds to the motivation of pleasure. Have less fat receptors of dopamine, so to enjoy a favorite product, it needs to eat more. Behavior “produktomanov” too often similar to the behavior of drug addicts it is a strong desire to eat a favorite and an inability to abandon it, even temporarily, relief of stress and satisfaction in the process of consumption, guilt, and often secrecy, concealment of their dependence on others. Recent studies have revealed the similarity of chemical processes occurring in the brain of drug addicts and “produktomanov” – a fact that attracted attention to the World Health Organization. So, it’s not just the lack of discipline at the “gluttons”, as is commonly believed.

9. Ear infections can affect your taste.

10 Facts About Body Weight 9

Those who suffere ear infections in childhood, often tend to have lower sensitivity of taste receptors, because infections  damaged the particular nerve , passing through the middle ear. Such people are difficult to grasp the nuances between the flavors, they always want to diversify their menus and to satisfy their “sweet tooth”, as the Americans say, they need to eat more sweets. As a result, those who have ill ears in childhood were often have overweight. Because, as you know, the nerves are not restored, the output is to be aware of their weaknesses and to control myself, try to eat slowly and enjoy every bite, replace fatty and sugary foods less calories. So, replace fruit candies, and olive oil – butter.

10. Antioxidants act as both antizhiry.

10 Facts About Body Weight 10

Free radicals are now blamed not only in the fact that they lead to premature aging, but also that they contribute to obesity.Antioxidants, such as vitamin C fight free radicals, delaying aging and obesity, and helps burn fat faster in the body. The best way to get into the more antioxidants – to give up fast food and empty food and lean on fruits and vegetables.


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