10 Facts About Condoms

We always like to expand your knowledge with more interesting  facts. so this time it goes on condoms, which in the Soviet Union bore the proud title of “Rubber Goods No. 2.” Take a look…

Fact no 1.

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During the execution of the musical «Cats» artists put microphones under the tights, but the artists sweat a lot during the show, condoms were used, such as creating waterproof microphones.  condoms are used in protecting rifle barrels from clogging.

Fact no 2.

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  American soldiers use condoms that are used in protecting rifle barrels from clogging.

Fact no 3.

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 In the Middle East, condom  were  used in many places, the peasants carry them in the water, stretch them between layers of concrete to make the roof watertight , road workers throw them in vats of melting resin to give the pavement smoothness.

Fact no 4.

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 Smugglers have been known to swallow them, They fill them with drugs and carry that drugs in the stomach across the border.

Fact no 5.

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 In an Indian city – Varanasi, it takes 14 condoms to make a Varanasi saree. Around a decade ago, doctors in Varanasi finally discovered why free condoms being distributed for family planning had suddenly become so popular. They were being used to make the city’s most famous export, the Varanasi saree.

The condoms are reversed and used to rub the bobbin (on which the yarn is wound) and smoothen it with their lubrications. This ensures that the bobbin move faster and at the same time the yarn does not snap. The weavers now use condoms to protect their fingers while weaving.

Fact no 6.

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 Brazilian artist Adriana Bertini made sculpture of condom, and clothing it by condoms.

Fact no 7.

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One woman fell overboard in the caribbean sea from the cruise at night after few drinks, She helped herself with a box of condoms. BY Puffing them, she made herself a lifeline. Three days later, she was picked up by one of the passing boats.

Fact no 8.

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  A major review of security is under way after condoms full of purple flour were thrown at Tony Blair as he faced MPs in the House of Commons.

The PM was speaking during his weekly half-hour question and answer session when one of the projectiles hit his back, prompting an evacuation by MPs. Campaign group Fathers 4 Justice claimed responsibility. Two men aged 50 and 36 have been arrested. It is believed the suspects got tickets to the Commons at a charity auction. via http://bbc.in/w0bG7Z

Fact no 9.

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 In 2003, the Guilin Latex Company made the worlds largest condom. The condom was 260 feet – 80 meters- tall and 330 feet – 100 meters – around. It was put on a hotel in Guilin, China to help and promote World Population Day.In 2005 , the Obelisk of Buenos Aires, Argentina was covered with a large condom. It was 67meters long and created to promote World AIDS Day.

Fact no 10.

10 Facts About Condoms (10)


 In Germany they are called “Parisian” French – “English hood” in Italian – “glove” in Lebanon – “coat” in the United States, “Jimmy Hat” in South Africa – the “French letter”.

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