10 Facts about the Eiffel Tower (9)

10 Facts about The Eiffel Tower

Lets check out ten facts about the Eiffel Tower – the most recognizable architectural landmarks of Paris, the world-famous as a symbol of France.

 10 facts about the Eiffel Tower 1. When this huge tower was officially opened in 1889, it was the highest structure of the planet. In 1930, one other skyscraper “Chrysler”, got ahead with 18 meters. However, if the height of the Eiffel Tower added to the length of its 24-meter antenna, the “Chrysler”  left behind. Nowadays, the Eiffel Tower is on the fifth place among the high-rise buildings in France.

 10 facts about the Eiffel Tower 2. Eiffel Tower, Since the construction is very high, then it is actually painted in three different shades of color. The darkest tone used at the base of the building, and the brightest – at the top. The tower is covered with 60 tons of paint every seven years to protect against corrosion.

 10 facts about the Eiffel Tower 3. The famous chef Alain Ducasse holds a gourmet restaurant on the second floor of the tower.

 10 facts about the Eiffel Tower 4. In 1912, the developer of the coat-parachute decided to test his invention at the Eiffel Tower. A man jumped from the third site installations and killed.

 10 facts about the Eiffel Tower 5. Before the surrender Paris to the Germans during the Second World War, the French have committed sabotage on the Eiffel Tower. They knocked out the elevator, so that the enemies could not enjoy the city views. But Hitler was not too lazy to climb the tower by foot. Elevators were repaired in 1944, and all the soldiers of the Allied were allowed to go freely at the top.

 10 facts about the Eiffel Tower


6. Small copies of the Eiffel Tower is in different parts of the world: Las Vegas, U.S., Chinese and Gaunchzhou Shenzhen, Romanian Slobozia, Copenhagen (Denmark), Varna (Bulgaria), Aktau (Kazakhstan) and other cities.

 10 facts about the Eiffel Tower 7. Gustave Eiffel engraved names on the tower of 72 prominent French engineers, scientists and mathematicians of the time.

 10 facts about the Eiffel Tower 8. In the years 1925-1934 Citroën automobile company used the four corners of the tower as a billboard. It was the biggest advertising at the time.

 10 facts about the Eiffel Tower 9. Despite the height, only one person crashed during installation of the tower.

 10 facts about the Eiffel Tower 10. Thomas Edison visited the Eiffel Tower, and was extremely impressed by it. He wrote in the guest book: “Monsieur Eiffel, engineer, builder of great brave and extraordinary creations of modern engineering from someone who is respected and admired by all engineers, including the Great Engineer of the Lord God. Thomas Edison. ”


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  1. I was at the top in 2008 and had to go poo badly. I had eaten sloppy joes the day of and I think
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