10 Facts About the “Star Wars”

“Star Wars”- a fantastic saga, conceived by American director George Lucas in the early 1970s and later expanded. The film had an enormous influence on international pop culture and has repeatedly been named the best science fiction film.
star-wars photos1. Let’s start with the fact that his creation of “Star Wars” required a car crash, in which George Lucas got in high school. Actually, he wanted to be a racing driver, and therefore sold all his toys and bought a used “Fiat”, which drove the neighborhood, with difficulty following the rules of motion. Of course, it ended up by accident – “Fiat” Lucas practically the forehead collided with a small truck, and just lying on a hospital bed, he suddenly had an idea about the “power” – a kind of religion that is practiced by knights and space is well able to withstand evil in the universe scale. After that, Lucas stopped thinking about racing and decided to become a director.
star-wars photos2. It’s hard to believe now, but “Star Wars” nobody wanted to take: absolutely all Hollywood studios the idea of ​​Lucas felt a failure, and XX Century Fox agreed to begin filming only after Lucas refused the fee.
star-wars photos
3. His first film – TiEychIks 11 38 – Lucas took off only because he asked for Francis Ford Coppola, he persuaded studio Warner Bros. is that Lucas’ talent. And when Lucas began to shoot, Coppola – for luck – donated 777 777 dollars. The film flopped.
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4. As for the name – TiEychIks 11 38, then connected with this one more interesting fact. This fad Lucas. These letters and numbers found in all his films. In particular, in the first episode, 11 38 written on the back of a battle droid, which takes into captivity Jar Jar Binks, and it is clearly visible in the frame. A technology of improving the showing of films in cinemas, developed in one of the company Lucas said TiEychIks.
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5. Effects. Their number is growing almost exponentially. In 4 (ie, 1-m) an episode, there were 545 in the 5th (ie, 2nd) – 763, 6 th – 942, and the Phantom Menace was attended by thousands of special effects scenes, nine hundred two thousand dvushot. As for the “Attack of the Clones,” it is all one big special effect: not only the cost of computer processing of 250 frames.
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6. “Attack of the Clones” – the first film in the history of film, shot entirely on digital video, there is not one inch of this film. Because of this, it is cheaper: only $ 100 million instead of 115, who spent a “veiled threat”.
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7. Lucas has his own digital studio, and have special effects from Lucas is very fashionable in Hollywood. Lucas worked as a studio, for example, in Jurassic Park. Lucas actually have about 14 of his productions (including the animation studio Pixar, which removed “Shrek”), and he – the world’s only financially independent filmmaker.
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8. And so if we are talking about money, in 2000, the company’s revenues Lucasfilm $ 2 billion. This is more than the revenue of the budget of Estonia.
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9. How much can I earn only “Star Wars”. At this point in the world sold about 15 000 kinds of different toys on the “Star Wars”. Only the plastic figures of characters sold nearly 250 million, and considered only those that were sold under license. Playing cards “Star Wars” can be purchased for $ 6, Darth Vader’s helmet – for 129.95 and laser swords Jedi – for $ 349. To buy all the toys, devoted to “Star Wars”, you will need at least $ 10 000.
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10. The most desirable place for all the venerable directors in America – this is George Lucas’ ranch in Northern California. He bought it in the mid-’80s and made it a real studio. It was there filming his movies Spielberg, Dante, Zemeckis and Cameron. Before the premiere of “Attack of the Clones” on this ranch for the first time allowed journalists and ordinary fans. Ranch called “Skywalker.”

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