10 Famous Celebrities Who Look Like Animals

Sometimes God get confused that whether He is making a human or an animal? And His confusion creates a new hybrid species which has human body but animal like face. It depends on the viewer that whether he finds it cute or humorous. So here are some of the celebrities who have animal faces. Lets explore.

1)Flava Flav and Gremlin –

Flava really finds it good that gremlins are not real otherwise where he will have to go to hide his face?

Flava Flav and a Gremlin

2)Tina Turner and Chow Chow –

Is she a female or a dog? Whatever, both are cute.


3)Prince and a Miniature Pinscher –

It would be better to tame Prince as a pet.  After-all he can understands your feelings better.


4) Hitler and Cat –

There is a common notion that Hitler looks like cats. You can also feel the same after watching this photo.


5) Wilfred Brimley and cat –

Both of them are very close right from their childhood as they are brother and sister.


6) Dog The Bounty hunter and lion –

Take a look at them, both are furious, brave and kings in their field.


7) Mark Zuckerberg  and elephant seal –

Facebook should have a logo of elephant seal because the maker of facebook has very close resemblance to this seal.


8) Taylor Lautner ans Llama – 

Both are very cute and soft beings. This is why Taylor has a very unique face.


9) Jack Black and French bulldog –

Bulldog’s known for his brave and fierce nature , may be his brother Jack will also play the same roles.

Jack Black and a French Bulldog10) Josh Hartnett and Golden Retriever –

This handsome celebrity is somewhat less handsome than his dog resemble, the great Golden Retriever.


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