10 forgotten inventions of famous people

The present inventor can not stop, he is always looking for something that can improve, change, alter.Perhaps not all turns out, not all of the ideas embodied in zhin, and sometimes even brilliant things forgotten. We offer an overview of ten forgotten inventions whose authors were famous people from around the world.

Flippers. Benjamin Franklin


Benjamin Franklin started his career as an inventor in the age of 11, when invented fins. He loved to swim and always looking for a way to improve their technique. The solution was a pair of wooden fins, which he wore on his hands. Their size – 25 cm in length and 15 centimeters in width. Thumb hole provided. Speed ​​was higher, that’s just your hands and began to tire more.

A huge crossbow. Leonardo da Vinci


Leonardo da Vinci’s genius inventor’s reputation, when in fact most of his creations never go beyond concepts, leaving only paintings and drawings. He particularly excelled in the field of various types of weapons, for example, a huge crossbow. Inventor stadal gigantomania, and therefore the size of weapons is impressive, almost 25 meters wide. Crossbow rather served to intimidate the enemy, and not to kill.

Metal detector. Alexander Graham Bell


Krrome that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he still created one of the first metal detectors, which was to save the life of President James Garfield. July 12, 1881 the president made an attempt, and the doctors could not find a bullet in his body. Bell suggested the use of an electromagnetic device that would be when it detects a metal object uttered by clicks. However, it was not possible to save the president for the sole reason that no one had thought of interference caused by metal springs in the mattress on which lay Garfield.

Radio-controlled boat. Nikola Tesla


Despite the fact that Tesla was more concerned with electricity, he was also a pioneer in radiodelu. In 1898 he presented his new invention, a radio-controlled boat with a tiny propeller and driving two antennas. The crowd was delighted, though, and decided that Tesla steers the boat using telepathy s planted inside a trained monkey. Even in Washington ridiculed him when he proposed to use the idea to create a radio-controlled military vehicles.

Photocopier. James Watt


The name of James Watt is inextricably linked with the invention of the steam engine, but it’s not his only achievement. In 1780 he invented a device that can copy documents by printing them on sheets of paper.It was a small, simple, portable unit, which had some success. Has sold more than 600 units in the first year of its production. In addition, thanks to him watts out of poverty and start earning money.

Aerating the water. Joseph Priestley


Joseph Priestley – known theologian, philosopher and chemist. His outstanding achievement – the discovery of oxygen. And he invented soda water. It happened in the period when he lived near the brewery and spent there some experiments. Placing a container of water over the vat fermenting beer, he discovered that the water takes on the original sour taste. Initially, he did so only drink for himself and his friends, and then in 1772 wrote an article about the results. But to continue their studies and monetezirovat he guessed. A year later, it did Johann Jacob Schweppes, who founded the company and earn a huge fortune in the soda.

Bouillon cube. Justus von Liebig


Outstanding 19th century chemist Justus von Liebig was one of the founders of organic chemistry. And he tried to introduce the revolutionary techniques in agriculture, first determining that nitrogen is an essential element necessary for plant nutrition. And between all this he managed to come up with a bouillon cube. Watching the tanners, he noticed that they use only the skins and meat thrown to waste.Here he is in 1847i figured out a way to recycle valuable product is lost.

Mortality table. Edmond Halley


Edmond Halley – outstanding astronomer, physicist and mathematician, who became one of the founders and demographics. He was the first mortality table based on actual population data. In 1693, he received from the Polish city of Wroclaw document that recorded all births and deaths over five years. Thanks to him, he calculated that the death rate in each age group.

Electronic piano. Walther Nernst


Walther Nernst known primarily as a chemist who received the Nobel Prize in 1920. However, in 1930, along with two companies «Bechstein» and «Siemens» he created the “Neo-Bechstein”, the first electro-acoustic piano. He had no deck, used to play music very thin strings and a small hammer. Furthermore, it was embedded radio receiver and player, which can be used both simultaneously and individually.However, the popularity of a particular invention is not received at the time.

Talking doll. Thomas Edison



Edison – is not only a talented inventor, he was also a good businessman. Unlike many talented people in the past, he was able to capitalize on their discoveries. Since they invented the phonograph was a huge success, Edison tried to use it whenever possible. The result was a talking doll. Several years ago, was found one of them in good condition. Each entry was unique, because at that time was not yet a device for duplication of the phonogram. But, despite the best efforts of Edison, dolls were failed project, they were sold only for a few weeks in 1890.

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