10 Greatly Exaggerated Cities to Travel Around the World

We make a lot of ratings, prompting travelers the best places to visit in the world. But what about those places where it is not necessary to go? Leave aside Saransk and Ryazan and focus on those cities whose names are on the ear, but in fact they are unworthy of attention.

1. Casablanca

The least attractive city as a whole beautiful country. In fact, it’s just a business district on the coast, and there is nothing to watch except a single mosque, built by the previous King of Morocco, Hassan II.


2. Male, Maldives

Overpopulated capital Rajski beautiful Maldives is worth a visit only if you have a burning desire to see the slums, overcrowded come from the African continent, and the streets clogged debris.


3. Kingston Town, Jamaica

Local residents, seeing the tourist willing to do anything to get his tip. Such attention very quickly get bored, especially given the fact that there is not particularly look at that, and it is better to go to the coast, where the concentration of rastamanov pesky little less.


4. Cairo, Egypt

Pyramids can be seen from anywhere in the city, but to them so far that he seems to Cairo one big hoax. Arabic huge metropolis quickly charges the self-hatred, so it is best to avoid a visit and go directly to the tourist areas of Egypt.


5. Pisa, Italy

Tiny town, which does not look for anything but not very impressive Leaning Tower. Leave Pisa other tourists, while they themselves go in search of more interesting places in Italy enough.


6. Stonehenge, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Go many hours from London just for the sake to look at a pile of stones, arranged in a circle – a dubious pleasure.


7. Pompeii, Italy

Pompeii is always crowded with tourists, but look here essentially nothing. All mosaics and finds long been moved to museums, while the share of visitors were only ruins. It is better to visit the nearby Herculaneum, there are at least fewer people.


8. Gibraltar, the territory of the United Kingdom

In fact, Gibraltar – a huge rock in the sea, to get to where you need a few hours and you can watch up to two minutes.


9. Naples, Italy

In the city of Naples and the surrounding area mafia controlled waste management industry for decades. That is why the city is now one big trash. If you value your aesthetic sense – Go past the town side, at least until better times.


10. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Widely rastirazhirovanny image of Las Vegas does not fit with what is there to see in reality.Dirty streets, neighborhoods hive with employees of hotels and casinos. And then sell alcohol around the clock, making the streets as homeless and alcoholics, as you will not see in Russia, even in the most drunken times.


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