10 Horrible And Enigmatic Creatures

Its very unusual to see some mystic creatures and to capture them in a frame is more difficult. But still there are some incidents where these creatures cant spare themselves from being photographed. These photographs may be disturbing for some of you so your discretion is expected. Lets visit these bizarre creatures now.

1) Dover Demon –

This dis proportioned creature came into light in the year 1977 in Dover, Massachusetts which shivered most of the people there. It had a large water melon sized head with a relatively small body and is considered to be an alien.



2) Jersey Devil –

Again an American town became the witness of the devil, this time its in the southern pine barren of New Jersey. Its tale started in the early 19th century and continued till the 20th century. It was believed to be the 13th child of the local witch Mother Leeds.



3) Flatwoods monster –

Though this monster was believed to come from a UFO in 1952, still are in the minds of many researchers. It was believed to be as tall as 10 ft and his body was heart shaped and eyes were very unusual. It was found in west Virginia and was very creepy.


4) Owlman –

In 1976 it was found in Mownan and Cornwall and its reports came till 1995. It was believed to have pointed ears, red eyes and black pincer like claws. It usually hovered over Mawnan church tower and all events occurred within the church’s vicinity.


5) Lizard man of scape ore swamps –

This lizard man was said to be lived in the swampland of Lee County, South Carolina. First view was made in the year of 1988 and still some signs are viewed in the year 2008. It has a height of 7ft 2inches, green colored skin and red eyes. It has three toes in each of its leg and has 3-4 fingers in each hand.


6)Bunyip –

The mythological creature of Australia and New Zealand first came into light in the year 1845. It was believed to be a close relative of star fish with legs. But some believed that it has dog like face, black fur, a horse like tail, flippers and walrus like tusks or horn.


7)  Sigbin –

A famous demon of Philippines is believed to suck the blood of its victims of shadow. It was said that it can walk backwards by lowering his head between the hind legs. It resembles goat, bat and a human face.


8)Canvey Island Monster –

Firstly viewed in 1954vin England and then again in 1955 and was considered to be 2ft 4in tall and reddish brown eyes and bilged eyes and gills. But the instance which was found in 1955 was larger than the previous one by about 1foot 3inchs and was heavy too.


9) Pope Lick Monster –

It is a human with head and legs of a goat. Its whole body resembles a human fighter only the head and legs are different. Various different stories are linked with his name but in all the cases he killed its victims.


10) Goat man –

A hybrid of goat and a human having horns, fur body and hoof. The ancient Greek Mythologies are believed to be reinterpreted again by describing this character. In 1962 it was believed to be the assassinator of atleast 14 people in Prince George County.


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