10 Mind Boggling Plastic Works

What if your normal poly bag turns into an unusual creative work? You must start to search it. You must think to buy it. You must decide to gaze it with a different thinking. So lets take a look at some of these dazzling plastic works. Recycling was never so beautiful before.

1) Plastic horse

Now the artists are creating sculptures from recycled plastics and this horse is the same. A baeutiful, lovely and strong horse sculpture for the horse lovers.


2)  Milk bottle –

After watching this bottle you must think that how passionate the designer is about his/her work. The perfect mixing of colors make it indispensable for your drawing rooms.


3)    Plastic chandelier –

This handier has a perfect blend of plastic, clothes and lights. The chandelier is very unique and its stunning beauty makes it very essential for stylish people. Every bit of it is made up of recycled material.

Plastic jewels chandelier

4) Boots –

Girls are always searching for something new and trendy in the market and if this comes in the form of a boot then they get crazy for it. Just look at these plastic boots and explore your markets for it.


10 Mind Boggling Plastic Works5) Handbags –

Again a heart skipper for girls. A plastic handbag is completely different in looks and style. Though its pretty expensive but you can buy it as it increases your glamor and taste.


10 Mind Boggling Plastic Works6) Bass Guitar –

No one of us had ever thought of this type of guitar. But its now a reality, it is made and even made public for guitar lovers. What a perfect recycling of polythene.

A Bass Guitar Made From Plastic Bags by Barbara Mathieson

7) Chicken figurine –

Yes this is all made of plastic in fact from the recycled plastic. May be its surprising for you but its real chicken of plastic. Don’t you love it. Its color is more beautiful than the original cock.


10 Mind Boggling Plastic Works8) Mother Teresa gown – 

Designers are now creating the clothes from the plastics. This is its conspicuous instance. French designer Frank Sorbier attracted number of eyes from worldwide for this gown in 2008/09.


10 Mind Boggling Plastic Works9) Najah, Lazara & Ilham –

Dazzling light lamps all made of woven plastic bags are excellent example of creativity and beauty.

10 Mind Boggling Plastic Works10) Plastic backpack-

If you love to travel then you should go for it as this water bottle carrying plastic backpack is very light and you don’t need to worry about your thirst because it will take care of it.
10 Mind Boggling Plastic Works

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