10 Most Amazing Modern Car parkings

In today’s world, overcrowded vehicles, people often stalkivaeyutsya problem with the placement of my vehicle. Everyone knows that it is convenient parking and unsuccessful, free and paid, expensive or cheap.However, the proposed selection, you will learn how unusual can be a place where we leave their cars.

1. Autostadt – Tower parking in the industrial park automaker Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany


In the German city of Wolfsburg opened a few years ago owned auto giant Volksawgen industrial park called Autostadt. It is a city of office and industrial premises, as well as its own museum. But the main draw attention to themselves two former bunker, now converted into a multi-level parking. Each tower reaches 48 meters high and comprises 16 functional floors. At the same time cars are delivered to the upper floors of the towers are not in a circular ramp and through special Elevators upstairs and curious tourists daily storming Autostadt.

2. Parking Vanguard 1111 Lincoln Rd in Miami, USA


The city of Miami is one of the most unusual in the world of parking. This seems to be a purely technical building is a true masterpiece of modern architecture designed by the famous studio Herzog & de Meuron and a cost of $ 70 million. It is interesting that on the last floor of the parking there is a luxury apartment worth several million dollars.

3. KRE House – a home for these motorists in Tokyo, Japan


In 2007 in Tokyo by the famous Japanese architect Takuya Tsushidy house was built KRE House. This cottage is designed for people who really love cars. Not everyone can live in a house where right in the middle of the living room is a car. Building KRE House has a special elevator that leads from the living room on the first floor of the house in an underground garage and is designed for several cars. From time to time the landlord can raise or lower the favorite car to admire them in moments of relaxation.

4. The most green park in the world – Garden Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan


In a short time in Tokyo, will be built the world’s most green parking. And the word “green” in this case has two meanings. Firstly, the parking “Shinjuku Gardens” will be harmless to the environment – it can purify contaminated by exhaust fumes of the car air. Second, the walls of this park will be completely covered with real grass and shrubs. They give “Saddam Shinjuku” incredibly beautiful appearance and become a natural filter between the interior of this two-tier structure and polluted street.

5.Parkovka at Michigan Theater in Detroit, USA


Since the seventies of the twentieth century, the central part of Detroit is experiencing an unprecedented exodus – people and companies are moving to the suburbs of this once bustling metropolis, the streets become almost deserted, and pyatidesyatietazhnye skyscrapers with all his height melancholy eyes looking at passers-by. Forgotten residents stopped working for its intended purpose, but once famous Theatre of Michigan is located in downtown Detroit. In recent years, the stage on which once were the best plays of the most prominent playwrights and first-run well-known cinematic works, is now a car park.

6.Obschestvennaya parking in Santa Monica, United States – the brightest and most colorful in the world of parking.


Complex parking lot in Santa Monica is not only one of the most prominent buildings in the United States, but certainly the most colorful and garage on the planet! It is worth noting that the building looks more like a shopping center, developed some good modern architect, not the parking lot. The facade is decorated with colored glass blocks, which are covered with bright lights at night, giving the building an incredibly beautiful view.

7. Parking bookstore at the public library in Kansas, USA


This building, the outer walls of which are stylized huge shelf with twenty-two books of famous authors, many have called “the most beautiful library in the world.” Extremely precarious here looks and parking designed for fans to read, come here on their own cars.

8. Parkhaus Engelenschanze – glazed parking in Münster, Germany


Parkhaus Engelenschanze – this is another building, looking at which is unlikely someone will be able to guess what kind of role he assigned, because this seven-story building looks more like a modern office or a shopping center. In the parking lot there are three hundred and sixty seats designed for cars. Inside the complex is not just a faceless multi-level parking, and a small winter garden with live trees, where the owners of cars can take a break from the bustle of the big city.

9. “sinking ship” – an underground car park in Seattle, United States


One of the main attractions of the city of Seattle 38-storey tower Smith in 2014 celebrated its centenary.However, almost all the tourists who come here to see for this masterpiece, usually pay attention to the neighboring building – an unusual parking, called “sinking ship”. This multi-level parking looks as though some of it fell through the ground, and the protruding part looks like the prow of a ship.

10. Garage Studio – underground parking, growing from a hill in Herdern, Switzerland


Children in the Swiss city of Herdern probably think that the cars do not actually produce the factories, and dug out of the ground. The reason for their mistakes is one of the most incredible car parks, located in this small town. The design, called the garage studio is conveniently built into a small hill. Parking spaces are located directly in the landscape objects. On one side of the hill, you can get in and out of buildings, and on the other there are five glass windows that give the facade a truly fabulous views. In addition to the vehicles in cities are increasingly visible and bicycles. To learn how to look the best modern bicycle parking can be found in the review of the top 10 most unusual bicycle parking .

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