10 Most Bizarre and Unusual Apples around the World

Whatever fruits and berries is not impressive on the shelves of supermarkets, but with apple nothing can compare. Still no one can refuse to sink his teeth into the pleasure of his rosy side. That’s just not always the apple looks familiar to all, sometimes it is surprising and embarrassing.

10. Javanese apple


In appetizing-looking fruit has many names, including apple of love, and Java, and bellifrukt. This is one of the most exotic varieties of apples growing in the wild in Asia.

9. Square apples

네모난 합격 사과

And it is not a photoshop, but very real square apples that are grown on plantations in Chungju, South Korea.

8. Redlove


Fruit was created by crossing the apple with many other kinds of fruit or berries. It remains a mystery. That’s only twenty years of research culminated in obtaining amazing apple with stunning berry taste.

7. Carambola


Carambola is known by several names, such as star fruit or Star Apple. Let a biological point of view, it is still not a real apple pie but with a stunning apple taste of her work.

6. Hawaiian mountain apples


Very unusual shape, taste and seed that never with anything not mistake. They say that these apples unique taste of apples and rose petals.

5. Kaimito


In the star apple is not only the form is not common, but also taste amazing. In addition, they say that it is incredibly healing. These rejuvenating apples.

4. White apple Pippins


If you rip apples to full maturity, you get to try absolutely white apple. However, the taste of him bitter.

3. The half-hearted apple


Farmer Ken Morrish collect apples for more than 60 years. Then one day in his garden there was an amazing mutation Golden Delicious varieties, grown apple with colored halves. They say that this is possible only once every 10 million cases.

2. custard apple


The name of the fruit is fully consistent with the taste of apple pulp miracle.

1. Purple apples


Sorry to admit, but it’s Photoshop, although apples look great. It remains only to hope that in time there will be such and on the shelves.

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