10 Most Expensive Barbie Dolls and Accessories for Her

Barbie dolls are very popular among kids and many mature people to likes them. Some people have a large collection of barbies since childhood and has spent handsome amount of money purchasing it.

We offer an overview of the most expensive dolls and various accessories for her.

The powder compact Barbie (1959) – 330-1500 dollars


On the tenth place on our list is a powder box Barbie collection of “Roman Holiday”. If someone is lucky enough to find a doll in this collection, we can assume that he has found a gold mine. The fact that the doll was sold just a year and came complete with a powder compact of different types, which are now worth 330 to $ 1,500, depending on the state, and today there are many who want to buy them.

Clothing and pet for Barbie from “Kitty Kapers” (1972) – $ 500


Accessories presented included: three items of clothing for Barbie and either cat or dog. Find a set of very difficult today, so its price is high. If these things appear in the auction, the price may be much higher. The series was released in the 70s as accessories to vintage Barbie doll. Chance today to find this set complete with a dog is higher than with seals, as in his time on the two sets of “Kitty Kapers” with a skirt, shorts and a dog, there was one set with Kitten.

Barbie, Ken and Midge on Parade (1964) – $ 500


In this set there were three dolls: Barbie, Ken and Midge. Couple Barbie and Ken were dressed in costumes drummers, and Midge – a cheerleader costume. All dolls straight legs, faces painted – and they look classically. Today, almost impossible to find at once all three dolls in the set, so collectors are forced to look for them individually.

Barbie Japanese dress (1967) – $ 510


This doll was sold for $ 510 and is one of the most expensive. In the 60s style icon for women in the US and around the world thought of Jacqueline Kennedy, she was inspired to create a doll in dress and plum color with a hat-tablet. Kit sold in packaging that has never opened. This fact and the intricate design caused the high price.

Barbie “pink splendor” (1997) – $ 900


The doll was sold for $ 900 at the supermarket JC Penney. Explains the high cost of luxurious pink satin dress with the decor of the 24-carat gold and Australian crystals. Today, the online store you can buy a doll for $ 200-300, although in theory it could cost $ 1,000.

Barbie with ornaments from Lorraine Schwartz – $ 7,500


Lorraine Schwartz, American designer jewelry of gold and diamonds, works in New York. Her name is well known among Hollywood stars and other celebrities through collection show in Manhattan. Among her clients can distinguish Jennifer Lopez, Cate Blanchett, Gail Berry and Beyonce. Dolls, in whose creation involved Lorraine with the company and the Union Mattel fashion designers, are so unique that are sold only in private collections. Each is wearing a little black dress. Just a collection of 12 dolls. The highlight is a doll with a diamond jewelry from Lorraine Schwartz and is estimated at 25 000 dollars. An anonymous buyer purchased one of the dolls collection for 7500 dollars.

Original Barbie Doll (1959) – $27,450

Photo Jeremy Stylist Susan Job 0845999

Doll is the prototype of all subsequent Barbie. First toy released in 1959, Mattel Toys. Doll with blond hair tied in a fashionable tail, earrings and makeup with blue shadows and red lipstick, was dressed in a classic black and white swimsuit. Particular emphasis was placed on the form of the figure and the chest, which at one time caused a great deal of controversy. At the auction, the doll was sold for more than 27 000 dollars.

Barbie Doll from the company De Beers, was released on the 40th anniversary – 85 thousand dollars


This doll, released in honor of the 40th anniversary of the company De Beers, has become known in the world of jewelry because accessories encrusted with diamonds. Belt at the waist decorated with 160 diamonds dolls and dress with white diamonds weighing 18 carats.

Barbie and the Diamond Castle – $94,800


Doll, decorated with diamonds 318, first introduced in Mexico City during the advertising campaign of a new movie about Barbie, “Barbie and the Diamond Castle”, which was released in 2008 by the creator, Mattel Toys. Besides the diamond castle and diamond jewelry, dress dolls, too, was inlaid with 44 diamonds. Unfortunately, to buy this doll does not succeed, because it is not sold.

Barbie by Stefano Kantur – $632,000


The most expensive Barbie doll in the world is represented by designer Stefano Kantur. Dolls are made ​​in order to raise money for breast cancer research. The company Mattel Toys and Australian jewelry designer worked together to create this unique dolls.After 6 months of work, they presented the amazed public blonde in black. Necklace that adorns the neck doll worth $ 300 000 and consisted of white diamonds weighing 3 carats and pink diamonds weighing 1 carat cut diamond special “Emerald”. Besides necklaces on hand adorned with a pink diamond ring. In 2010, an anonymous buyer purchased the doll for a record 302,500 dollars.

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