10 Most Luxurious Hotels in the World that far far Away

If you want some adventure and stay at a place that are beautiful, then these following luxurious hotels will amaze you. Not just because they are well maintained, but majorly because of their locations. Remote locations and beauty with luxury.

10. Hotel “Arctic”, Ilulissat, Greenland



The hotel is located in the city, whose name translates as “iceberg”, and that is under the patronage of UNESCO. To reach the hotel, you must first fly to the village Kangerlussiak, then fly to Ilulissat 45 minutes, and then take advantage of dog sledding. It offers rooms with stunning views not only on the snow-covered city and the beautiful harbor, but the iceberg. Among the advantages of this remote place mark a unique view, the best and high quality local cuisine, comfort with luxury amenities, and the opportunity to spend time.

9. Motu Teta, Rangiroa, Tahiti


Want to get away from the hustle and civilization, to find a way to calm and relax, come to Motu Teta Tahiti. But before you get there, you must fly to Tahiti Papaete capital and then to the atoll of Rangiroa, and from there by boat 90 minutes to the place. But on arrival you will forget about the long way, as the island of 4 hectares you will meet the best white sand beaches and clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Can be placed on a separate villa Tahitian style or in one of the rooms of the guest house and everywhere you will be happy to provide services of high class. Besides first-class service, will please the local cuisine, mostly seafood, from cooks, specialists of French cuisine. If someone prefers leisure, then they are organized tours of the vineyard, which is located on a coconut plantation, or windsurfing, fishing with harpoons, canoeing, scuba diving, ocean reef research, and more.

8. Hotel “Bloomfield”, Cairns, Australia



To get to the hotel, “Bloomfield” in Cairns, Australia, this remote location, you must first get on a plane, a few hours to go on the car and then take a boat or a cruise ship to the river to get to the desired hotel. Those who are willing to make such a journey to remote wilderness areas, at the end of the path will be rewarded with a choice of one of ten luxurious cabins provide opportunities for fishing, boating and hiking.


The hotel complex is situated on the shores of the Coral Sea near Dentro jungle, where there are deserted beaches and fascinating long walking routes, with the possibility to explore the local flora and fauna. Without mobile services, far from civilization, in this luxurious place you will not only enjoy the local Australian cuisine, but also enjoy the beauty of nature.

7. Hotel “Vinterleyk” Alaska



Hotel «Vinterleyk” – a wonderful remote place where you can relax in both summer and winter, enjoy the local cuisine and first class service. Located 320 km from the city of Anchorage, and you can get here by seaplane or airplane on skis, depending on the time of year – there is no other way. You can not only relax, but also to communicate with other guests, enjoy the delicious meals, evening campfire, or simply enjoy the views. Bar, kitchen, which serves the best local cuisine, wellness facilities, hot tub, massage – all designed for fun and relaxation of guests.
Detached houses where guests stay at the hotel, equipped with furniture made ​​by local craftsmen, fireplaces and spacious beds. Guests also enjoy the play area, free massages, workshops cooking local dishes, a library and other activities within the hotel complex itself.For those who prefer leisure outdoors, offer lessons control dog team, watching the life of bears in the wild, visit the nearby glaciers, fishing.

6. Kokopelli’s Cave, Farmington, New Mexico



If we are talking about remote places of rest, then the issue is the possibility of organizing first-class amenities and service worthy of a five star hotel. But, referring to a remote location, any more or less acceptable conditions of rest, already are considered second to none. This applies to the hotel “Kokopelli’s Cave”, which is located in the rock at a depth of 22 meters under the ground.


The cave is located in a picturesque area of ​​Four Corner, presents guests with not only a beautiful view, but also carved into the rock rooms with Jacuzzi, shower in a waterfall for a relaxing, comfortable stylish furniture, peace and tranquility – everything guests desire, given the remoteness from civilization and its capabilities.

5. Hotel underwater “house of Jules Underwater”, Florida, USA



To get to my hotel room, “a house of Jules Underwater”, which is located in a former underwater laboratory, guests must go down under water to a depth of 9 meters. The hotel is located in the lagoon in the underwater park “Key Largo.” Each of the hotel invites you to enjoy the beauty of the underwater flora and fauna, as besides stylish furniture in a minimalist style, the room has a window. It offers diving lessons and diving to a depth of 10 meters in a reserved area of ​​the lagoon. Stayed at the hotel will be as exciting as the road to the room. With a glass of wine, a good book you can enjoy quiet evenings in the company of fish accidentally sailing for porthole fitted with protective glass thickness of 1 meter.

4. Petit St. Vincent, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean



To get to the destination, and this Petit St. Vincent, you need to fly to Barbados, then in the Grenadines, where the ferry to the island itself. Guests can choose from 22, remote from each other, cottages or on the rocks, or in the beach area. All cabins offer a wonderful view of the surroundings, spacious beds, indoor or outdoor dining rooms, living rooms, sun terrace, air-conditioning, iPod connectivity, and other luxurious amenities. Stay even will not interfere with officious staff. If you need something, leave a note in the mailbox, rises the yellow flag and everything you want, quickly bring. Besides a wide selection of outdoor activities, water sports and spas on the island are two restaurants, one on top of the hill, and the other on the beach.

3. Hotel “Garvault”, Scotland


One of the most remote hotels in Britain. This place is surrounded by the Scottish mountains, in the territory of hunting at the foot of Beinn Dearg Mòr overlooking the forest near Loch Rimsdeyla and verdant hills. In the hotel room you can take a bath and shower and enjoy a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere away from people, machines, and phones. The spacious lounges have the opportunity to spend an evening by the fireplace, and the bar offers the best whiskeys and local dishes of wild game. Outside the hotel you can entertain yourself with fishing, hunting, bird watching or simply walk.

2. Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah



“Amangiri” – a luxurious stylish hotel located in the valley of Canyon Point, in the ancestral lands of the Indian tribes of the Navajo and Hopi. The place is known that stop here celebrities who come to relax from life in Hollywood. 34 rooms are decorated in a minimalist style, but equipped with all the amenities that meet the needs of the rich and famous.


Hotel “Amangiri” is located near the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Grand staircase and national parks “Bryce” and “Zayonsky” – it is not surprising that from the windows of the hotel offers a unique and breathtaking view. And from the windows of class “rooms” you can see the unique pools built around rocks that are organically combined with the natural landscape of the desert. Relax in this hotel – it is a wonderful way to relax in stylish and luxurious remote site, located near the mountains and canyons, fishing, hiking, enjoy spa treatments and observe the ritual of the Navajo Indian.

1. Longitude 131, Ayers Rock, Australia



At number one on our list of luxury secluded places to stay is “Longitude 131” tent city with first-class facilities, located in the unspoilt desert area. In the sand dunes are 15 tents that do not correspond to the usual notions of camping. Tents 40 square meters equipped with amenities that are worthy of a five star hotel. They are located on the territory of the National Park Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each is air conditioning, blinds, audio Bose.


In addition to the campus is a restaurant “Dune House”, which serves delicious local food, and open bar. Organizers are also special tours for review and study the flora and fauna of the National Park Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, located in the center of Australia.To get to the town, where the dawn awaits, cocktail and dinner under the stars, quite simply, on a plane from Sydney to Ayers Rock Airport, then drive a car 10 miles.

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