10 Most Strange News of the Week – April 16th to April 23rd, 2012

10 Most Strange News of the Week – April 16th to April 23rd, 2012

35-year-old Milf cries tears of diamonds…, Man shot twice outside of bar…, Eight products the Facebook Generation…, Student-body president at BYU campus…, Man becomes irate after learning the officer coming…, I’m a Monkey Man…, Rihanna seen rolling blunt on man’s head at Coachella…, top-notch Hollywood prosthetic”…, New addition to bucket list…, Tired of being abducted and “probed”…

1. 35-year-old Milf cries tears of diamonds. The Sun is there, making her eyes all sparkly (w/pic) 

Jody Smith, 35, suffers from cystinosis, a rare inherited disease which causes a build- up of an acid called cystine.

2. Man shot twice outside of bar, doesn’t realize it until the next morning. I’ll have what he’s having 

A man in Sacramento was shot twice after leaving a local bar, but he told police he didn’t realize it until the next day. The victim told police that he got into an argument with another person in a parking lot after leaving a bar near Boxwood Street and El Camino Avenue just after midnight Saturday.

3.  Doomed: Eight products the Facebook Generation will not buy

Consumer tastes are changing at a greater rate than ever before. Not surprisingly, the purchasing habits of the youngest generation present the most dramatic shifts — a reflection of what they find important. 24/7 Wall St. has identified eight popular products that the “Facebook generation” is not buying.

4. Student-body president at BYU campus says hanging around all those Mormons has made him a better Muslim. Wait, what?

A Muslim, El Akkari has just become the first non-Mormon student-body president in the 57-year history of Brigham Young University-Hawaii. The senior-to-be from Lebanon attended the LDS Church-owned school on a basketball scholarship and is studying business management.

5. Man becomes irate after learning the officer coming to his aid was not the Son of God, steals his car

Darius Williams saw the light. It just happened to be blue. According to The Commercial Appeal (http://bit.ly/Jo9xFZ ), a police officer found the 19-year-old Williams walking before dawn Thursday along Interstate 240.

6. I’m a Monkey Man: Meet the world’s fastest man on four legs, yes you read that right 

It was Albert Einstein who asked a question that he claimed sometimes drove himself hazy: “Am I or are the others crazy?” You wouldn’t dump your computer for a typewriter, or trade in your car for a horse, but how about going back to walking on four legs instead of two?

7. Rihanna seen rolling blunt on man’s head at Coachella. Hologram Tupac shakes his head disapprovingly

Was it marijuana? Cocaine? SPF 40? Whatever mystery gunk Rihanna was messing with at Coachella last weekend, the pop star wants you and the entire Rihanna “Navy” to know she was doing it.

8. Mel Gibson wears “top-notch Hollywood prosthetic” masks when he goes out to dinner, makes reservations under the name “Castor Troy”

I’ve confirmed the news below with an individual formerly close to Gibson. Yes, the actor has not one but several masks that he wears to go out in public. Yes, they were made by a top-notch Hollywood prosthetic and make-up artist, and apparently it is impossible to tell that they are not a real person.

 9. New addition to bucket list: being arrested for ‘risking a catastrophe’

Two Hopewell Township men are facing multiple charges after a homemade explosive device detonated over the weekend in the vicinity of a police officer, according to a Hopewell Township police report.

10. Tired of being abducted and “probed” by space aliens? Resistance is fertile

If you are being contacted or abducted by aliens, and you do not wish it to continue, there is hope. Despite certain researchers’ claims, many have learned to completely stop (ie, permanently terminate) the alien abduction experience, both while in progress, and as a life pattern.

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