10 Most Touching Last Wishes

I was feeling really sad when i am writing this, But still good thing is they got their last wish to fulfill. These are people who unfortunately know how much they have left to live. Most of the remaining time they dream only of the performance of their last tiny desires,their last wish. So check out the touching last wishes, which had a great influence on many people.

1. Dying girl decided to dance with her ​​boyfriend for the last time in the hospital in a way, Brett Marie Christian (Brett Marie Christian) was the same as any other 15 – year-old girl. She loved Facebook, cartoons and always looked forward to school dances. From other girls her age it differs only in the fact that she was struggling with leukemia, since 11 years. Despite this, she had a special relationship with his best friend Treytonom. He visited her every day when she was in the hospice, where they watched television together, talking and where there was their first kiss. During one of his visits in 2010, when Treyton went there with his parents, Brett told his mother about that she was looking forward to the ball at his school graduates wanting to dance one last dance with Treytonom. She even already purchased a dress. Knowing that fragile girl can not live up to that, mom and Brett Treytona every effort to arrange a dance in her hospice. September 4, 2010, together with his family, friends, and 50 other classmates, Brett and Treyton danced his last dance, performing last wish girls. She died a few days after this evening.

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2. Dying boy toys Children’s Hospital gave Nathan Garcia (Nathan Garcia) – a boy from Southern California, who died of brain cancer December 19, 2012, just two days after celebrating his 13th birthday. The diagnosis of cancer was put Nathan in September 2011. Even after surgery and chemotherapy, he was never able to fully recover. His condition worsened with each passing day, and knowing that the inevitable to happen, Nathan decided to make a wish on his 13th and possibly last birthday. He decided to donate thousands of toys for other children in the hospital, in which he was lying just in time for Christmas. He and his family started to collect toys, and representatives of the local media paid attention to their actions and released a series of articles last wish Nathan. Through community donations, Nathan and his family were able to collect nearly 4,000 toys. Nathan would like to distribute the toys myself, but was too weak to do it. Two days after he died, volunteers came to pick toys that collected Nathan and his family and gave them to children in the hospital Nathan, performing the last will of the boy.

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3. Homeless man reunited with his dog before his death, said that dog – is man’s best friend. And it is confirmed in the case of Kevin McClain (Kevin McClain), 57-year-old native of the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, whose last wish was to see his dog. McClain was homeless and lived in a car with his dog named Yurt. In May 2011 he became ill with lung cancer, ambulance paramedics first took him to the hospital and then to a hospice. A Yurt was taken to an animal shelter. While McClain transported by ambulance gurney in a hospital bed, he told one of the paramedics, Jan Erceg, he has a dog, and that he wanted to see her. As it turned out, Erceg was also a volunteer at an animal shelter, where now resided Yurt. This created the perfect environment for collaboration and hospice shelter that would fulfill the last wish McClane. He met with his dog for the last time. People who have witnessed this touching scene, said that there could be seen as a dog instantly recognized his master Yurt immediately began to lick the hands and face. This simple desire meant a lot for a man who had nothing. McClain died two days after his meeting with his dog.


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4. The boy was able to make an incredibly successful home run in honor of his grandfather’s 83-year-old Frank Szabo (Frank Sabo) and his grandson Jonathan teenager loved baseball. During their last conversation before Sabo died, they only talked about the upcoming baseball tournament boy. He asked his grandson to make a home run (kick in baseball when the ball flies over the entire field and the athlete can safely complete the circle). Jonathan was a little doubtful that he could do it, as it was not big and strong player, especially as a homerun, perfect with a conventional wooden bat during a sporting tournament is a rarity in any case. Add to this the fact that they were going to play the field a minor league, which was more than the fields in which their team used to play and make a homerun in such conditions seemed more unlikely. Sabo died July 21, 2012. Despite this, three days after his death, it was an incredible home run. Standing on the “plate” with three parabolas and two strikes, Jonathan swung the bat and hit a home run knocked out, only for the entire game. Tears began streaming down his cheek as he ran around the bases. When he touched home base, he looked at the sky, knowing that I fulfilled the last wish of his grandfather. The funeral took place the next day after the game, and Jonathan gave that ball to his late grandfather. On the ball were written the words: “the best grandfather in the world, I love you. Rest in peace. ”

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5. The girl asked pumpkin spice latte, which inspired people to random good deeds around the world last wish Alice O’Neil (Alyssa O’Neill) was quite simple. 18-year-old native of Erie, Pennsylvania only wanted to drink pumpkin spice latte (Pumpkin Spice Latte), which is sold at Starbucks. Unfortunately, she died from an epileptic seizure on September 4, 2013, and by not fulfilling his desire. But the events that occurred after that, made ​​her story truly inspiring. Due to her untimely death, her parents did not have time to fulfill her request. So they decided to buy a pumpkin spice latte 40 for people unknown to them two days after her funeral. They only asked baristas from Starbucks cups to write her initials AJO. Moved by their actions, bought another 50 barista latte with her ​​initials and gave them to random people. Soon after the beginning of the movement AJO spread with incredible speed and turned into a global movement that has come to Iceland and South Korea. AJO movement goes beyond buying a cup of coffee, some began to buy food for others, and some are paid on the account is randomly selected people, all in the name of Alice J. O’Neil. It’s amazing how a simple desire sick girl a cup of latte inspired people to commit many deeds of merit that have touched the lives of thousands of others.

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6. Local businessman did rain of $ 10,000 Have you ever wanted to just money started falling from the sky? For most of us it is absolutely unrealistic desire, but for visitors Irish Eyes Pub & Restaurant in Lewes, Delaware, it became a reality in August 2013. It was quite an ordinary day for visitors and workers in the aforementioned restaurant, and suddenly they saw that dollar bills literally falling from the sky. When they realized that it was real money, everyone rushed to collect as much in time. As it turned out, this strange phenomenon was last wish a local named Leonard Maull (Leonard Maull), who died in 2012. Maull was the manager of the store fishing gear in Lewes. His accountant has confirmed that he is in his last moments wished that rain was made ​​of $ 10,000 of his own money, bills for $ 5, $ 10, $ 20 and $ 50, which will be given for the benefit of strangers. To do this, we decided to use a helicopter, much to the surprise and delight of all who witnessed such an act of goodwill. Unfortunately, no pictures of how it happened, because, obviously, everyone was too busy collecting money.

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7. Convicted asked pizza for homeless Philip Workman (Philip Workman) was a native of Tennessee, who was convicted for shooting and killing a police officer when he tried to rob a fast-food in 1981. At that time he was homeless, addicted to cocaine and attempted robbery spend to buy another dose of the drug. He was placed on death row in a prison Nashville, and the spring of 2007 was to be executed. His desire over the last meal turned out to donate a vegetarian pizza for homeless people from the immediate vicinity. Prison officials refused because they felt they could not donate their money to charity. Fortunately, this information appears in the news and the locals are more willing to shell out money from your pocket to fulfill the last wish Workman. One woman asked her friends to chip in, and together they were able to buy pitstss for $ 1200, that was sent to the Centre “Rescue Mission” in Nashville. President of PETA, hearing the story, also contributed in the form of 15 boxes of vegetarian pizza. Soon a few more people anonymously sent pizza to other shelters in Nashville, all in the name of Philip Workman. Every person has something good, even a convicted murderer on death row.

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8. 11-year-old boy made ​​a wish to feed the homeless Ask most people what they would do if they will only have two weeks of life, and most likely answers will include personal satisfaction, for example, going to the places where they have never been or eating favorite foods. Brenden Foster (Brenden Foster) however, was not so. This 11-year-old boy was diagnosed with leukemia and when asked about his last wish in December 2007, he did not ask to go to Disneyland or meet with his favorite actor. Instead, his last wish was to simply feed the homeless. This is a very unselfish desire touched the hearts of many locals who began collecting food to fulfill the boy’s dying wish. More than 2,500 meals were transferred to the Union Rescue Mission in Seattle in honor of the brand. Paper bags with food, volunteers wrote, “We love you, Brenden” to save the living proof of his desire. While the brand has been too weak to participate in the distribution of food, but he, at least, lived long enough to see his wish fulfilled, before he died in the arms of his mother.

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9. Dying 8-year-old boy “married” his sweetheart Figure Fleming (Reece Fleming) and Eleanor Parsglav (Elleanor Pursglove) have been friends since childhood. Rice has always been in love with Eleanor and said he wanted to marry her. He asked for her hand several times before, despite the fact that, in fact, they were still young children. In 2004 he was diagnosed with leukemia, and in 2008, when he was told that he continues to live only a few weeks, he decided at any cost to exercise their cherished desire and marry Eleanor. He asked her the question one more time, and she finally said yes. “Wedding” was held in July 2008. Little bride arrived in a limousine, and the groom waiting for her at her home. By the time the rice was already very weak, but his determination to fulfill his desire to support him. He gave her a red rose, and they exchanged vows and rings in front of their mothers. They even signed the marriage certificate. Small groom right after the ceremony went to bed, feeling completely peaceful. He turned to his mother and said, “Mom, now I can go.” He died the next day.

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10. $ 500 tip, which have become a popular phenomenon Aron Collins (Aaron Collins) from Kentucky, United States, committed suicide in July 2012. His family discovered his last wish written on a piece of paper, it was said that he would give $ 500 tip to the waiter or waitress. His family has fulfilled this desire, tipping the waitress at the pizzeria in Lexington, Kentucky. This goodwill gesture was captured on video and became a sensation. Brother, Aaron, Seth had originally planned to do this only once, but thanks to the support around the world, quickly turned it into a movement. Today there is a site dedicated to Aaron Collins. To date, he has raised more than $ 60,000 in donations from around the globe. On the website there is a video where his brother gives $ 500 tip waiters and waitresses throughout the United States. At the time of this writing, in just one year after the death of Aaron, Seth gave money to the approximately 87,500-dollar tip unsuspecting waiters and waitresses, and continues to do so until now. Seth goal – give a tip for $ 500 in all 50 states in the U.S. before Christmas this year in honor of his brother Aaron. Christmas came, and as he writes, he did it.

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