10 Most Unusual Passenger Transport Routes Around the World

In the transport sector also has its own records and achievements, as well as its own Cabinet of Curiosities – unusual routes and flights. In this review, we describe the most notable about 10 flights in the world, carried out on different types of transport: air, land, water, etc.

The shortest scheduled passenger flight

The shortest in the world scheduled passenger flight is a flight between airports Westray and Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands in Scotland. This route connects two small nearby inhabited piece of land in the North Sea. The duration of the flight in the air is only 47 seconds, and the voyage as a whole, together with taxiing, takeoff and landing – 2 minutes.


Airports Westray and Papa Westray in the immediate visibility, at a distance of 2.6 kilometers from each other. Scheduled air services between the Scottish company engaged Longair, and the cost of flying in both directions is 17 pounds.

Interestingly, the population of the island Papa Westray counted a total of 70 people. However, hop to it enjoys stable popularity – the island due to the huge amount of historical and archaeological sites chosen by tourists.

The shortest international passenger flight

The distance between Vienna and Bratislava is only 60 kilometers to get from one settlement to another by car, bus or train in less than an hour. However, with the April 2015 flyniki airline plans to launch between the capital of Austria and Slovakia scheduled flight.


In the air planes flying between Vienna and Bratislava, will be only 10 minutes, making it the shortest flight international passenger flight around the world.


Many observers feasibility of the flight is in serious doubt, because in the land between the cities get access faster than by air, given the need to travel to and from the airport, passing control and anticipation of landing. Apparently, the airline is going flyniki thus attract to fly from Vienna to Bratislava passengers for whom this will be the intermediate flight.

The longest non-stop passenger flight

In turn, the longest flight is scheduled passenger flight between the cities of Singapore and Newark (USA), implemented by the airline Singapore Airlines. 15345 kilometers long flight airplane Airbus A340 overcomes for 18 hours 40 minutes in one direction and 18 hours and 50 minutes – to another.


Interestingly, the distance of 15345 km is approximately equal to the length of Eurasia from the westernmost point to its easternmost.


Given the duration of the flight, the airplane Airbus A340, carrying out flights between Singapore and Newark, equipped exclusively business class seats, allowing passengers to properly rest and sleep during a long journey.

The world’s longest rail route

Until 2010, the world’s longest passenger railway route is the train Kharkiv-Vladivostok. This composition, launched in 1957, covered the distance between the end points in the last 7 days 7 hours and 34 minutes, while driving 9714 miles. Moreover, it is also attached to the individual cars of Kiev, Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk, which further increases the range of the move. But in 2010, the train was canceled because of the small number of direct passengers. Became part of the new record going from Moscow to Vladivostok. 9259 kilometers the train travels in 7 days 10 hours.


The longest freight rail route

Where may not need direct passenger rail transportation over long distances, often there is a place quite freight trains. The most striking proof that appeared in December 2014, when on the world map, a new train-record holder. We are talking about a part of the cargo, which was launched on November 18 in the Chinese city of Yiwu and finished twenty-one days later, in Madrid, breaking the path length distance of 13 thousand kilometers and eight countries: China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France and, in fact, Spain.


Freight train brought in the Spanish capital of Chinese goods worth more than a billion dollars. Not to go back empty, the composition took to China Spanish wine, butter, ham and other products.


Composition Yiwu Madrid in the future will operate on a regular basis. This record length and major routes already nicknamed the “New Silk Road” or “Silk Road of the 21st century.” The possibility of making this cargo flight and also the passenger.

The smallest subway in the world

Catania is interesting not only because it is the administrative center of the island of Sicily. This village is also a unique transport system – the shortest in the world subway line.


Subway Catania was put into operation in 1999. The first and only line since consists of six stations, and its total length is 3.6 km. The construction of the next stage of underground hampered by a lack of funding – Catania, like the rest of Sicily, is one of the poorest regions in Italy.


In the current at the moment the subway line no more confusing. On the day of this kind of urban transport uses a little more than 11 million passengers, despite the fact that the population of Catania is 315 thousand. Man.


Street elevator to another area

We are accustomed to the fact that the elevators are a means of movement within the multi-storey buildings. But there are regions where these designs are quite popular city vehicles. This occurs most often in urban areas with difficult terrain, for example, in Lisbon. But the most unusual and beautiful outdoor elevator appeared in 2013 in Pamplona – the capital of the Spanish province of Navarra.


This street elevator connects the two urban areas separated by a steep slope with a height difference of thirty meters. Previously, local inhabitants had to go around, but now communication between adjacent streets greatly simplified, at least for pedestrians and cyclists.


After all, where a few years ago had to spend half an hour on the bypass, now you can go down or up in just a few seconds at a street elevator.

The cable car as the main form of public transport

Georgia – it is also a country with a fairly complex mountainous terrain. However, it can not boast a delightful street elevators, and ubiquitous cable cars that are in many cities and towns of the state. But especially against the background stands a small village Chiatura where such vehicles are the main type of urban transport.


Chiatura – a mining town, sandwiched between several mountain peaks. The city center is located at the bottom of the gorge, and the main living areas are spread over the neighboring slopes and mountains.Passenger road transport because of the nature of the relief in this village are underdeveloped, and therefore the main form of public transport in Chiatura are cable cars.


To date, the city has 10 cable car lines, and used to be and even more – 17. In this case, at most sites use an incredibly outdated equipment, serving continuously since the fifties of the twentieth century. There is a legend that it was absurd forms of metal trailers Chiatury became the prototype for the famous Georgian pepelats film George Danelia “Kin-Dza-Dza”.


The busiest ferry in the world

New York also boasts an ideal terrain. However, in this metropolis obstacle to the movement from one point to another of the city are not mountains, and waters – Hudson River and others. And because one of the major important type of public transport in New York – it’s ferries.


Moreover, the district Staten Island Ferry in general is the only possible means of transport, allowing access to the rest of New York – bridges or tunnels on the island do not lead.


And it is not surprising that the Staten Island Ferry is considered the busiest ferry in the world. It works around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. During the day, this line carries an average of 75 million passengers, which makes it a record 27 million people a year.

The smallest tram line

In 1989, the Crimean village Dairy far from Yalta was opened tram line, which is the shortest in the world.The length of the route is only one and a half kilometers, it connects the boarding house “Coastal” with a seaside beach.


However, to use this tram can not only relax in “Shore” resort visitors, but everyone that makes this tram system full of public transport. However, this tram is operated only in the summer, during the tourist season.


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