10 Most Unusual Transparent Devices and Vehicles

Transparent – is the new black! Fashion for transparent products triumphantly sweeping the planet, and those elements are not only clothes, but also gadgets , and even vehicles . Today we tell about the 10 most unusual examples of this.

Transparent vehicles transparent floor in planes from Virgin Atlantic

Famous airline Virgin Atlantic plans to launch Airbus A320 aircraft for people who are not afraid of heights. From serial model is air vehicle differs transparent floor through which during the flight you can admire the beauty of the sprawling downstairs.


Such innovation virtually eliminates the benefits are considered a nicer place at the windows of the plane. Because now even the people sitting in the aisle can look at the ground from a height of several kilometers.


In order to make a plane transparent floor, engineers from Airbus had a chance to work hard. After all, it had to be moved to the bottom of the aircraft all communications. The first modernized their flights so Airbus A320 will make the route London-Edinburgh.

Rak e – transparent electric vehicle from Opel

In 2012, it seemed to this extremely solid avtokorporatsiya Opel presented to the public rather “frivolous” electric car calledOpel Rak e . In it the Germans decided to experiment with transparency, making the most of the glass enclosure.


Opel Rak e – has a rather modest size. Its length is a little more than 3 meters, width – 119 cm. Total weight in this case is only 380 kilograms. But this “baby” has a very serious technical indicators. It can travel at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour and pass on a full battery just over 100 km. Battery Pack Time – 3:00.


But the most interesting thing in the Opel Rak e – its appearance. As mentioned above, a large part of the body of the electric vehicle is made of durable glass. In this dome can be lifted up, sitting in the car or out of it.


Clear Blue Hawaii Molokini – transparent kayak

Clear Blue Hawaii Molokini – this is the perfect vehicle for individual warm coastal countries, which lives in the waters set of bright living creatures hiding in the rocks and underwater caves, where there are corals and colorful algae.


Clear Blue Hawaii Molokini – a transparent-kayak boat, floating on which you can both enjoy all the lovely beauty of the underwater world. To do this, even aqualung not needed – all seen directly with a floating vehicle.


Triton Submarine – transparent submarine for submarine-individualists

Triton Submarine – this is another transparent vehicle for people who want a free diving to admire the unique beauty of the underwater world of the warm countries. But in this case it is not a simple boat, but of the whole submarine, designed for a group of two or three people.


Triton Submarine has a transparent spherical dome, through which you can admire the underwater world with a viewing angle in the three hundred and sixty degrees. The submarine can dive to a depth of 300 meters and move there with a speed of 11 kilometers per hour. Maximum time spent underwater in the best model Triton Submarine is sixteen hours.


Invisible – Transparent bicycle

Man, of course, that can fly. But the owners of the bicycle with the title Invisible will seem levitating at least from the outside.After all, this vehicle is almost completely made out of strong, transparent glass.


Invisible in the visible part are the only pedals, chain, rotating mechanism and a bicycle tire – Transparent them not to do if you want to vehicle drove on the pavement and not scattered within ten meters.

transparent-design-12 (1)

Bicycle Invisible – this is not a serial product, as the author’s work of the famous American artist named Jimmy Kuehnle.

Transparent Gadgets and Devices Transparent Monitor

Transparent monitors – this is not such a useless idea, what may seem at first glance. Indeed, these technologies will open before us new horizons of possibilities. For example, transparent screens can be used as a window in a room or in a vehicle windshield.The latter will allow the driver to get in motion a variety of interactive information without being distracted from looking at the road.


However, on a fully transparent and functional screens of it until it is not – the technology does not allow to achieve a similar result. But big companies like Samsung and LG regularly introduces new models of monitors that have varying degrees of transparency. At this point, it is about 75-80 percent of transmitted light that is already very close to the necessary parameters for commercial use.


Transparent phone from Polytron Technologies

The Taiwanese company Polytron Technologies first in the world realized the dream of many engineers and developers about creating a mobile phone with a transparent screen . At the heart of this device is the technology Switchable Glass (Switchable Glass), used light-emitting liquid crystals.


During operation, a mobile phone, these nano-components are scattered on the glass, reproducing the specific images and responding to touch screen smartphone that turns into a full touchscreen interface.


However, the mobile phone from Polytron Technologies is not fully transparent. As such it is impossible to make the battery of the device, as well as some of his other technical components. But when commercial production they can hide behind an opaque frame.

Moverio BT-200 – transparent smart glasses from Epson

The vast majority of modern “smart” glasses are tinted eyepieces or concealing their technical stuffing and projected video, or do without these, as implemented in the Google Glass. But Epson Moverio BT-200 – the world’s first such device, which is similar, in fact, the usual transparent glasses.


“Smart” glasses Epson Moverio BT-200 have a dual-core TI OMAP 4460 processor with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz, 1GB of RAM and 8GB constant. Built-in device lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 2750 mAh.


Epson Moverio BT-200 – is also one of the few such devices on the market, which has not one but two built-in eyepieces miniature displays that allows you to use glasses to see three-dimensional images and also watch videos in 3D. Cost Epson Moverio BT- 200 is only 699 US dollars, which is almost two times cheaper than Google Glass.

People People Speaker – transparent speaker for any interior

Buyers Speaker People People Speaker not worry, if this device will fit into the interior of their home or office. It will look perfect in a modern apartment, decorated in the style of hi-tech, and in the entourage of the Victorian era, somewhere in the palace or museum.


And all because People People Speaker – this column with a transparent body. Of course, the process of filling in the standard one is visible, but the body in this device is constructed of glass.


Moreover, for People People Speaker not require any wires, except the power cord. This audikolonka communicates with the computer or mobile device via Wi-Fi-interface.

Luminescent solar concentrators – transparent solar panels

Most modern solar panels are best installed on the roof or in the yard of a private home, because they are large enough and does not reflect light. But gradually began to appear the devices that can be placed even on the windows in the house, because they are completely transparent.


One of the “first signs” of this technological breakthrough can be called a panel Luminescent solar concentrators, created by students and faculty of the Massachusetts State University.


However, with obvious advantages, in panels Luminescent solar concentrators and have a significant disadvantage – they stop only 5 percent of the light that while traditional solar cells can capture up to 40%.

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