10 Must Buy Sandals

Sandals are very useful part of our life and we can’t imagine our life so comfortable without them. But the sandal makers are trying to bring something new in the sandals so that they can also march up with the fast moving world. Here are some of the craziest sandals which you must want to buy.

1)Metal Detector Sandals –

If you are an explorer and having interest to explore ancient metals or treasure then this sandal somewhat relieves your task .


10 Must Buy Sandals2)Keyboard Sandals –

What if these are real keyboards? But not so, hence you can try it.

10 Must Buy Sandals

3)Slingshot Sandals –

A sandal to depict your wild nature and lady hunters have their eyes on it.

10 Must Buy Sandals4)Topless Sandals –

This sandal is the combination of art and technology as it is made up of flip flops and is topless which makes it first of its kind. This sandal sticks to your feet automatically on wearing  and it comes with a guarantee of one year. Moreover it leaves no mark behind in your feet when you take them off.

10 Must Buy Sandals

5) Foodwear Sandal –

This sandals looks more like a burger or sandwich then a footwear, but its not edible. Its different fabrics, trims and crystal rhinestones makes it very comfortable.


10 Must Buy Sandals6) Tips Jar Sandals –

These sandals are the new sensation for high heel female lovers.


10 Must Buy Sandals7) Wireframe Sandals –

Its quite doubtful in the first instance that whether these sandals are to wear or to be kept in a showpiece. But don’t worry they are for  wearing.


10 Must Buy Sandals8) Alien Sandals –

These sandals are genuinely exciting for the people who normally get inspired from aliens of the movies. Though ugly for the normal people but these sandals are in great demand.

10 Must Buy Sandals


9)Box Sandals  –

These sandals make you feel the ancient Egyptian woman. You love its color and unique design.


10) Ninja Sandals –

If you love the ninja fighters then you must go and buy these new sandals in your market. This sandals are very comfortable and new for your region.


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