10 Nutty Internet Tattoos

Breaking conventions and trying new things is something that attracts millions. Tattoos do the same thing and here you can find why –

1) Like Me –

Social networking websites are making people crazy and this is one of the best example. This guy likes to be liked by himself and he doesn’t care about others.

T-Pain Tattoo

2) Twitter Whale Tattoo –

Again a madness for social networking site twitter. O god, how can these people live if these websites will get closed one day.

Twitter Whale Tattoo

3) Social Network Tattoos –

This man loves facebook more than his blood and can bear any pain for it . do you have the guts to do the same?

SEO Facebook Tattoo

4) Myspace Tattoo –

This guy’s belly has a space for everything, he can eat as much as he can and look at the size. May be you also get inspired by him one day. But if inspired then try to burn your fat too.

MySpace Tattoo5) Android Tattoo –

Do you like your phone?  I don’t think so because if you really do then you also have one like her.


6) Yahoo –

A true lover of yahoo because no one can bear to do it in the presence of google. But yahoo should reward him.


7) Follow me –

This girl has this tattoo because no one is following her in real. O my lord, please protect her boyfriend from her.


Follow Me Tattoo8)  igoogle –

This tech geek has 10+ years experience in google and still loves his job. He is now an icon and his tattoos are more iconic than him.

iGoogle Tattoo9)  McDonald tattoo –

After watchingthis tattoo you will go to  Mac donalds once surely. I dunno how much he likes it.


10) Tree of life –

This man understands the mystery of life that’s why having the tree of life tattoo on his back, he will explain it to you too.

10 Nutty Internet Tattoos

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