10 of the Most Heaviest Snowfalls in History

Heavy snowfall is able to paralyze even the largest city in a few hours – the road sweeps snow, people can not get to work or home, the products can not deliver to stores, power lines fail under the weight of snow stuck. Somewhere utilities work better somewhere fail, but the fact remains – despite the technological progress of mankind is still too vulnerable to the disaster. We have collected 10 strongest snowfall ever recorded in the world. Most of them struck on the American continent.

1. Chicago, USA 1967 – 58 centimeters of snow

This snow is remembered as the “Blizzard of ’67.” He hit the Midwestern United States from Michigan to Indiana. Record in terms of fallen snow per day was recorded in Chicago, Illinois.Total snow storm claimed the lives of 76 people, 26 of whom were from Chicago.


2. Ontario and Quebec, Canada 1971 – 61 centimeters of snow

This storm was called “Eastern Canadian snowstorm 71st.”Snowfall accompanied by strong winds, which reduces visibility to almost zero. Together with very cold temperatures it has caused the death of 20 people. What is most surprising, Ontario residents have not been asked to stay at home. Yet snowfall was so strong that we had to cancel the game the local NHL team «Montreal Canadiens», that for the locals was a disaster.


3. Boston, USA 1978 – 69 centimeters of snow

Boston snow storm started at the wrong time – in the afternoon, when most people were at work or school. Many were trapped in their cars. Moreover, it happened during the great tide, contributing to the most severe flooding in the area. Snowfall was a record for Boston – almost 10 centimeters was adding every hour. As a result, in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, killing more than 100 people.


4. The area of ​​the Catskill Mountains and the Appalachian 1993 – 127 centimeters of snow

His dubbed “Storm century” because in March 1993, this storm piled snow largest territory of all ever known. Snowfall was from eastern Canada to near the Caribbean coast, covering 26 states. In some places, the storm was accompanied by a very low temperature and claimed 270 lives. Even in such a hot state like Florida experienced a marked cooling. If the flat terrain dropped out of about 100 centimeters of snow in the mountains it was even more.


5. Saratoga Springs, United States 1888 – 147 centimeters of snow

“Blizzard of 1888” swept the northeast United States, burying more than 400 people, including hundreds of missing at sea.The storm was really the most severe – with a lot of snow, wild wind, the cold snap and a fierce snowstorm. New York was paralyzed 22-centimeter layer of snow, and the town of Saratoga Springs just buried under five feet of snow.


6. The State of New York, USA 2014 – 150 centimeters of snow

Abnormally heavy snowfall hit the US state of New York only a month ago. According to the state government, two days had the annual rainfall. Element killed 6 people, has blocked 200 kilometers of highways and the airport in Buffalo had to cancel 40 percent of flights.


7.Lhyundze, Tibet 2008 – 182 cm snow

Despite the fact that Tibet – a place where pretty cool because of the altitude, usually are not a lot of snow. But 2008 was no exception – the locals were shocked when the snow did not stop for 36 hours, after covering some areas of snow layer thickness up to 180 centimeters. The average thickness of the sheet was 150 centimeters. Many of the buildings could not withstand the pressure of the snow, the roads were not functioning, and seven people were killed. Many had even score their pets to eat.


8. New England, USA 1717 – 274 cm snow

In the 18th century did not exist accurate meteorological calculations, so all the famous figures of the “Great Snow 1717” rather relative. This storm has developed four snow storms hit at the same time on the territory of New England during the already harsh winter. The epicenter of the disaster came in Boston. Entire houses were covered with snow up to the top and people had to go through a second-story window. At the time there was no snowplows, so people had to just wait until it melts. The roads were not functioning for over a week.Photos of the time, as you know, hardly exist.


9. Mount Shasta, United States 1959 – 480 centimeters of snow

If we evaluate the snowfall, this is perhaps the most snowfall in history. But he passed away in the mountains and almost not affected localities. Despite the almost three-fold compared with the “storm of the century” snowfall, the snow covered a very small area and has remained virtually unnoticed.


10. Buffalo, USA 1977 – 506 centimeters of snow

City of Buffalo is located in the north of the United States, but as a rule, differs warmer temperatures and less snow than the surrounding areas. In 1977, the city struck a moderate snow, but with a very strong wind around 70 mph. By that time, Buffalo was lying layer of snow, and even the local lake was frozen. As a result, not the strongest snow storm caused severe frost, zero visibility and terrible blizzard, and by the end of the general layer of snow was five meters – an absolute record for a single season.


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