10 Outlandish Haircuts

New hair style every time on going to a hair saloon is in the habit of many people. Some haircuts are liked by many others and some are totally shocking for  the world. So why don’t you see these bizarre haircuts which turns you totally mad and either you say wow or say shit man, whats this? But whatever you say it doesn’t effect these outlandish people.

1) Rat Haircut –

This man has a dream of becoming the mightiest king of the world i.e. a rat, that’s why he is having this strange haircut.


10 Outlandish Haircuts2) Geometry on Head –

This man has sound knowledge of geometry and to depict the same to the world he tried different polygons (triangle, pentagon, rhombus, hexagon, heptagon) in his hair cut. His name is Nick Sayers.


10 Outlandish Haircuts3)Batman Haircut –

He wants his name in the Guinness world records as the most crazy batman lover. After watching this you also understand why it is so.


10 Outlandish Haircuts4)Cartoon face –

This cartoon loves cartoon and wants them in his real life, otherwise who will bother this crazy hairstyle for him.


10 Outlandish Haircuts5)Apple Logo –

This tech geek is the biggest fan of Mac and to pay the tribute to the company he has this apple logo haircut.


10 Outlandish Haircuts6)Bridge on Back –

Look at the smile of this Asian boy. He thinks that his head is holding the weight of this huge suspension bridge.


10 Outlandish Haircuts7)Specs Haircut –

This man has four eyes instead of the two. He can also see the back side because of the two additional eyes. What an idea dude!


10 Outlandish Haircuts8)Giraffe Haircut –

This hair style actually suits her. Do you know why? Its because she looks more like a giraffe than a girl. What a resemblance girl!


9) Elephant Grass  –

This ugly face is becoming more ugly with this hair cut. She does anything at the extreme level. So does her secrets of being beauty, or ugly.


10) Stradivarius Style  –  

This woman loves music more than her life and has guitar in her soul. So this is her way to show the pious love for music.10 Outlandish Haircuts

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