10 Outrageous Advertising Campaigns

Sometimes the advertising ban works to promote the brand even stronger than the campaign itself. Yesterday, the British Advertising Standards Committee (ASA) banned brand Miu Miu, calling it “irresponsible”,Photos from 14-year-old actress Hayley Staynfeld, Did not liked by the representatives of ASA because the girl depicted in a dangerous situation with a sad face, almost crying, she was sitting on the rusty railroad tracks.
We offer you ten advertising images that outraged the public, but due to the scandals they have not been able to promote the advertised brand, perhaps even stronger than originally anticipated.

1.  Images of the cemetery of soldiers killed during World War II, reminds us we are all equal. Advertisements released in 1991 – during the Gulf War.

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2. The creators of advertising just wanted to play on words, calling the ad Killer Heels. A charge received from the public in the promotion of violence and se*ism. Nevertheless, the picture was published in almost all the leading publications of Great Britain and has sold several billion. The customer – the company NMA.

10 Outrageous Advertising Campaigns (2)


3.  Summer Olympic Games held in Sydney in 2000. On this occasion, Benetton Group have come up with their own original logo.

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4. “We came to the conclusion that such advertising ice cream can greatly offend readers, and especially those readers who are Catholics.” So the British  Committee decided on Advertising Standards (ASA).

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5.  Friday’s dream of an average office worker. Advertise with the UK hotel chain. Customer – Virgin Holidays.

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6. The parents were worried that this movie poster depicting the Last Exorcism girl who may have suffered from violence, was placed on buses, in cinemas and free magazines about cinema .

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7.  No, the ads did not seem banal to anyone. Its banned because they sunbathe in February and March at the resorts when its too cold. No need to introduce people astray! The customer – airline Ryanair.

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8.  14-year-old actress Hayley Staynfeld waiting for a train. The customer – the youth brand Miu Miu by Prada.

10 Outrageous Advertising Campaigns (8)

9.  Image of the 17-year old actress Dakota Fanning seemed indecent to the public. Customer – Marc Jacobs.

10 Outrageous Advertising Campaigns (9)

10. Pope kissing the imam. The last shot of the scandalous clothing brand Benetton. Customer – Benetton Group.

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