10 Prolific Cutting Boards

A cutting board is a durable board on which to place material for cutting. Common is the kitchen cutting board used in preparing food; other types exist for cutting raw materials such as leather or plastic. But some people  tried  innovations in this field too. And here are some of their interesting discoveries.

1)  iPhone Cutting Board –

If you can’t buy a real iPhone then this well designed cutting board will keep your appetite right for some time.

iPhone Cutting Board2)  Texas Cutting Board –

A wonderful kitchen board for the people of Texas. You can slice or chop your veggies on it.


3)  Re-vital Cutting Board –

It is designed by Antje Gerwein, university of Wiemar for Re Vital Company.

 ReVital Cutting Board 4)  Husband Chopping Block Cutting Board –

Ladies get ready! You have to pay only $ 15.99 for this essential thing.

Husband Chopping Block Cutting Board5)  Picnic Time Touchdown Cutting Board –

A beautiful bamboo designed kitchen board is here for you all kitchen lovers.

 Picnic Time Touchdown Cutting Board 6)  Guitar Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board –

a stylish cutting board for musicians cum chefs. This bamboo work is very attractive.


7)  Puzzle Cutting Board –

Very beneficial kitchen item that serves your purpose with style. Why? Find it in on your own.

 Puzzle Cutting Board  8) Nordurmyrin Cutting Board –

Finally the wait is over for the non-veggies. You can cut your slices here.

Nordurmyrin Cutting Board9)  Eco Friendly Board –

This Chinese product is anti bacterial too and simplicity makes it indispensable.



10) Huge Cutting Board  –

This cutting board is very large in size and is hence multipurpose.


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