10 Scary Stories of the Week – May 26th to June 02nd, 2012

10 Scary Stories of the Week – May 26th to June 02nd, 2012

Car hits building…, Zombie apocalypse…, Monster Mile …,  peanut butter…, Human barcoding…, Family forced…, Today’s mass mall shooting…, Old guy in China refuses to vacate …, Kodiak moment…,  tornado rips…

1. Car hits building made famous by “Clerks.” It wasn’t even supposed to be there today

A vehicle struck a well-known building in the township Friday evening. Someone ran into the front of a former tattoo parlor that sits two storefronts from the Quick Stop on Leonard Avenue made famous by the Kevin Smith movie “Clerks,” Middletown police Lt. Ernest Volkland said. Police responded to the scene on the first block of Leonardo Avenue shortly before 10 p.m.

2. I’ll see your zombie apocalypse, and raise you “swarms of deadly spiders” invading a town in India

Swarms of spiders descending from nowhere and biting those unfortunate enough to stray into their path sounds like the stuff of nightmares. But for people in one Indian town, the scenario is all too real. Two people are said to have died after being bitten by the poisonous creatures in Sadiya, in the north east of India.

3.  Will the Monster Mile reverse the trend of no wrecking in Sprint Cup? Will anybody be able to stop Jimmie Johnson from leading every single farking lap? Its the FedEx 400, live from Dover at 12:30 ET on Fox

Mark Martin, 53, the last driver to make a qualifying attempt Saturday at Dover International Speedway, ran .005 seconds faster than  Jimmie Johnson to secure the top starting spot for Sunday’s FedEx 400.

4. You got your peanut butter in my flame retardant. You got your flame retardant in my peanut butter. Two things that are put together more often than you’d think

A study from the University of Texas School of Public Health suggests a common flame retardant is found in peanut butter and other fat-rich foods. The chemical is hexabromocyclododecane, or the much easier to pronounce HBCD, and it’s commonly used in home insulation and electrical equipment.

5. Human barcoding: Coming to an Isle near you

Would you barcode your baby? Microchip implants have become standard practice for our pets, but have been a tougher sell when it comes to the idea of putting them in people.

6. Family forced to flee their apartment after their upstairs neighbors start shooting into the floor

A Des Moines family evacuated their apartment on Friday night after gunfire came through their ceiling, apparently fired from the apartment above. Police responded to Southern Knolls Apartments, 3708 Southeast 14th Street, at 8:31 p.m. after Leonard Rohelia realized at least one bullet had been shot through his ceiling and called police, according to a report. Rohelia and his wife, Tiffany Rohelia, were  in the living room of their apartment with their two kids when they heard a noise that sounded like a firecracker.


7. Today’s mass mall shooting brought to you by Toronto, ON

One man is dead and seven others have been injured — including a 13-year-old boy and a pregnant woman — after gunfire rang out in a jam-packed Eaton Centre food court Saturday. A 25-year-old man was pronounced dead on scene. He had been shot, Toronto police Const. Victor Kwong said.

8. Old guy in China refuses to vacate his apartment in order to make way for new construction, turns building into fort and defends it with cache of Molotov cocktails

Standing up for ”his rights”, the 70 year old China man stocks up with molotov cocktails, and tosses them at anyone trying to break-in to kick him out of his families’ building. Pretty entertaining news right here! LOL :)

9.  Bear eats corpse of convicted killer. I bet that was a *puts on sunglasses* Kodiak moment

A bear ate the corpse of a convicted killer in a wooded area of Canada, according to authorities. The mauled body of Rory Nelson Wagner, 53, was found in a rural area in southern British Columbia on Wednesday evening, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said.

10. Don’t you hate it when a tornado rips through your pirate festival camp? (slideshow of storm-shocked pirates)

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