10 Shivering Daredevil Pictures

If you have a mis conception that you are man then go through this article. You will find what being a man costs? Your firm faith will get shivered and you start praying these real men.

1) Skiing –

The skier is Bergemalm. The 35 year old skier betted his life in his last dive of 600 feet. His attempt clearly shows that how daring a man could be? Truly hats off for him. Also thanks to his cameraman Patrik Lindqvist.

10 Shivering Daredevil Pictures

2) Redeemer statue –

standing on world’s wonder is a big thing but jumping here on Brazil’s redeemer statue is something that differentiates you from other base jumpers. This is the lowest base jumping attempt made by anyone with a height of only 95feet.


10 Shivering Daredevil Pictures3)Norwegian TV Campaign –

Risking a life for a TV campaign cant be dangerous than this. Do you have the guts to try it?


10 Shivering Daredevil Pictures4)Snake man –

You may dislike the snakes but this man loves snakes and is now recognized as a snake man.


10 Shivering Daredevil Pictures5)Tennis on flying air plane –

You love tennis? If not then you will start loving it after watching this. The most dangerous match in the history of sports.

10 Shivering Daredevil Pictures

6) Height can’t scare me –

This man has no fear of heights. He is swinging in the without any support, what a heart he has? And how strong his arms are?


10 Shivering Daredevil Pictures7)Heaviest barrel ride –

This Australian waited for almost 6 hours for this giant wave on the west Australian coast. Mark Mathews is the surfer who dared to take this ride on the shark prone area.


10 Shivering Daredevil Pictures8)American circus daredevil –

No only man but woman too have guts and this circus employee is proving the same. The most dangerous wire performance ever noticed. This lady was born in the year 1890 in America and was known as Bird Millman.


10 Shivering Daredevil Pictures9) Motorcycle long jump–

This is what all were expecting from this jump. The most extreme jump ever attempted on the motorcycle.



10) Real spider-man –

This man is truly a spider man. Can anyone attempt to jump on the tilted moving cars? If yes then you are the second spider man alive.


10 Shivering Daredevil Pictures

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