“10 Strange and Cool Vehicles..”

Here are some incredible creation of machines by super brainy and talented people…have a look and give yourself a chance to get amazed…!!!

1. Surface Orbiter…!!

“Rick Dobbertin from New York wanted to travel all around the world by only one vehicle. It was impossible with today’s technology because there’s no vehicle that could be driven via land and sea, so he had wait for the car industry to improve a lot. He wasn’t very patient, so invented one on his own. He created the Surface Orbiter from a milk truck, which took him 4 years, $175,000 and 14,000 hours of work. Allegedly, Dobbertin is now working on a new project, called hydro car.”

2. Rocket Bike…!!

“Although it’s just a bike, this is one of the most dangerous vehicles that ever existed. Tom Pickens from Orion Propulsions created this weird machine, which is composed of usual bike and rockets on the back side. The rockets are responsible for the incredible bike speeding of 60 meters for 5 seconds. Pickens spent 1250 hours and $750 to create it, but he never offered it for sale. Maybe he doesn’t want to be sued.”

3. Tank Chair…!!

“Unlike the previous two examples, the tank chair is much useful. It is not created because some weird guy had too much free time, but because some people in wheel chairs are limited to go only on some kinds of surfaces. The tank chair can go through sand, mud, snow, gravel and whatever else show up on its way.”

4. Yike Bike…!!

” The Yike Bike has a look like the first one-wheel bicycles. Actually, this one looks lik

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