10 Strange Animal Allergies

The pets also face allergies sometimes, and it really shook our head for a while as these animals are born to live free. But as a true animal lover it is your duty to take care of your lovely pet. Though the animals shown here look normal but they are not normal like other pets, they have severe allergies.

1) Little Jax –

This little doggy has an allergy from grass which created a hell lot of trouble for this dog. But his proper vet let his owner know about the problem and now the dog is on the boots.


10 Strange Animal Allergies2)Piggy Cinderella –

This she pig has got her name Cinderella after knowing that she is having problem with the mud and  now she wears boot.
10 Strange Animal Allergies3)Bull Terrier –

This dog not only suffers of allergy from grass but also from wheat, lamb and beef. Unfortunately he is abandoned by his owners due to the same and now is under supervision of a staff of Blue Cross Animal  Center.
10 Strange Animal Allergies4) Comical Mare –

This horse will face breathing problems and will have to fight for her life if a single hay will touch him. So she is completely covered with high tech polyester cloth.


10 Strange Animal Allergies5) Huge Whale –

This 45ft long whale was found on the beach of Herring Cove, Provincetown with a swollen tongue almost like a big balloon. Some told that this is due to the gas generated during the decomposition process but nothing is proved till date.


10 Strange Animal Allergies6) Alsatian-Collie  –

This dog has allergies from almost all the things including grass, cats and even meat. So he has to survive in potatoes and porridge given by his owners.


10 Strange Animal Allergies7) Allergic Rabbit –

This rabbit can’t eat lettuce and carrots as it is severely allergic to these.


10 Strange Animal Allergies8) Doggy again –

This beautiful dog has allergy from the meat and hence has to live on vegetarian food.


9) White puppy –

This beautiful white puppy has allergy from the grass and single hay of grass can make him severely ill.


10) Dermatitis in dogs –

The dogs suffer from severe dermatitis if proper care is not given to them and if not treated on time then it may become incurable.


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