10 Stylish handbags that scores everytime

A good handbag suddenly able to turn any woman into a real fashionista. In this review we present the top 10 models, of which the dream of every fashionista, urgency and demand which can not be measured the same era.

10. Speedy by Louis Vyutona

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For the first time, this extremely popular model today delighted connoisseurs of fashion in the 1930s.But to this day Speedy range is updated almost every year. Multivariance decoration of this model allows its owner to wear completely different clothes – from torn jeans with a t-shirt to the classic dresses, combining well with any outfit. An important factor for girls is the size of the bag, which is able to accommodate a lot of things.

9. Bag for motorcyclists from Balenciaga

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American stars Sienna Miller, Paris Hilton and Kate Moss with a bag from Balenciaga

After a long period of calm fashion house Balenciaga, founded back in 1915 and had great success in the early period of its existence, again surprised the world in 2003, when one of the leading painters Nicolas zheskie designed the bags for motorcyclists. The world-famous model Kate Moss did not just accept love this purse. Currently, the most expensive model of this bag is worth 2045 dollars, but there is a small assortment of models available for about $ 1,300.

8. Wicker Bottega Veneta handbag

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Bottega Veneta is an Italian leather brand. Known for their preference for unobtrusive design, Italian masters today continue begun in 1966 dealing couples Vittorio and Laura Moltedo. With Italian brand name translates as “the Venice store.” The founders of the House developed a unique technique of weaving leather, which still serves as a resource for all those working in this area designers.

7. Prada Saffiano

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Fashion house Prada was founded back in 1913, but gained worldwide fame only after 1978, when Miuccia Prada led the unknown company. Leather is used to model Saffiano processed by cross stitching, which makes the bag more durable, reducing the risk of scratching, and also increases the water resistance. Among the celebrities who prefer a world famous brand, we can mention the actresses Hayley Steynfild and Lindsay Lohan and singer Rihanna. Currently handbag Staffiano costs from 1700 to 9660 dollars. The price varies depending on the size of the model.

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Rihanna – long-standing admirer of the Italian brand

6. handbags Christian Dior

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Handbag Dior in the hands of the one who made it famous all over the world – Princess Diana

The handbag has become an instant classic, resounded all over the world after English was presented to Princess Diana from the hands of the French first lady Bernadette Chirac. After a lot of photos posh princess with this handbag, it was named in honor of the royal person and since then decorates the most prominent, elegant and refined women. Each bag issued by the Company created manually and has a unique charm and inherent only works from Dior. As materials for the model is often used patent calfskin, and the order you can buy an unusual model – for example, python skin, for 11,800 dollars.Small bags can be purchased for $ 1,200.

5. Jackie Gucci



Jacqueline Kennedy with her favorite handbag

Collection bags Jackie from another Italian brand Gucci as well as the previous ones, is a stunner. It’s safe to say that this model will never go out of fashion at least the next half century. Concept of handbags was created in 1950 specifically for the US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. The second wave of popularity of Jackie occurred after minor processing design in 1999. Today, Gucci House provides an opportunity to buy the old version of handbags and updated. The most expensive model Jackie cost its buyers in 20400 dollars, but this handbag can be bought for $ 1,450.

4. Fendi Baguette


This classic model was created in 1997 by Silvia Venturini. Baguette has been made, so that you can press the armpit as a loaf of French baguette, and a leisurely stroll down the street. Accordingly, the initial idea has defined the model name. It has since been produced for more than a thousand different baguettes, made of various materials – denim, crocodile skin and even pony skin. Perhaps the most famous baguette belonged to the main character of the popular television series “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw. The most expensive Baguette was sold for 6220 dollars, while the budget option would cost a buyer about $ 1,400.

3. Kelly by Hermes



Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly with your favorite handbag

Kelly is a true symbol of an era. For the first time the concept of bags, did not yet have a name, was introduced in 1892. First, the model did not enjoy great demand among buyers. This went on for half a century until 1954, when much of the fate of this small handbag has changed dramatically. The global increase in demand occurred after it was presented and named in honor of the Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly, immediately fell in love with the design of this compact handbags and worn it everywhere. Note. that the manufacturing process of this model is manual and takes about 20 hours.This handbag from Hermes is the best selling in the world. Price for model ranges from 1,100 to 125,000 dollars.

2. Hermes Birkin from



The most expensive model Birkin, sold for $ 120,000

Named after the famous actress Jane Birkin, the bag was first created specifically for her in 1984. The first ideas for a new model began to emerge soon after the accidental dating actress with the executive director of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas, which occurred on board the aircraft. Birkin complained to him that she does not have a good leather handbag, which she could go out into the light. Soon Dumas came up with the general idea of ​​bags, borrowing a concept from one of the 1892 models. As a material, it was decided to use a different skin – calf, ostrich, lizard and crocodile. The fabrication process takes from the masters about 48 hours; Each model is created manually. The most expensive Birkin bag worth 120000. This masterpiece consisted of crocodile skin, 18-karat gold and diamond border. Most Birkin bags cost between $ 11,000 and above.

1. Flap-bag of Coco Chanel


Handbag Chanel has become the epitome of classics. It is simple and designed to trifles. The prototype of the present model was first introduced in 1955, most of Coco Chanel, who was very tired from carrying her bag in his hand and wanted to create something elegant that can be worn on the shoulders. The original model was subsequently slightly modified by Karl Lagerfeld in 1983. Compared with the previous version has been added to a clasp with logo. Prices for flap-bag grow incredibly fast – every two years. The most expensive was sold for 261,000 dollars. Most of the bags this model costs about $ 2,200.

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