10 Things which are Accidentally Discovered

Sometimes accidents are beneficial as they lead to some shocking discoveries. Even the discovery of various physical concepts in the past was accidental. And sticking with the same trend here are some modern accidental discoveries which are loved by all the people worldwide. You must enjoy it too.

1) Popsicles –

This was invented in 1905 by Frank Epperson accidentally but was patented by him only in 1925(20 years after the actual discovery).


2) Rogaine –

This blood pressure medicine was accidentally proved beneficial for hair gain. It was drug Loniten which actually helped the patients to thicken their hairs.


3)Chocolate chip biscuits –

What a fantastic accident it was that created these biscuits. Wakefield was also expecting something else but this discovery made him famous.


4)Microwave ovens –

It was 1945 which totally shocked the world that microwaves can also be used to cook the food. The Raytheon engineer accidentally discovered it but Percy Spencer was the actual man who made first 5 feet long oven.


5) Fireworks –

China is mother of various lovely discoveries and hence the beautiful fire works which we still see around us was actually accidentally discovered in the Chinese kitchen about 2000 years ago.


6)Ivory soap –

The floating soap was not intentionally made but was the gift of the mistake that was due to one of the workers of Procter and Gamble company. This is now the most successful product of the company.


7)Viagra –

A gift for the erectile dis functioned people was developed by the Pfizer scientists accidentally. It was actually the side effect that made it such a useful med.


Viagra 8) Potato chips –

Actually called as “Saratoga chips” was due to the failure of the fried potato of chef George Crum. This English chef was now a legend.


9)Coffee –

It was discovered by local imam of Ethiopia from the red berries. And the idea was generated by watching the Abyssinian goats which felt frisky after these berries.


10) Teflon-

It was discovered by the Roy Plunkett who was actually discovering a new Cfc Refrigerant . now this accidentally discovered Teflon is the worlds most slippery chemical.


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