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10 Unknown Facts of King Cobra

To Continue a series of issues to expand horizons. Today we show you 10 facts about queen snakes – king cobra.

1. King Cobra – the largest venomous snakes, it can reach a length of 6 meters.
10 Unknown Facts of King Cobra (10)

2. Despite its name,  this cobra is not the case and forms a separate genus.

10 Unknown Facts of King Cobra (9)

3. King Cobra – the only snake that eats other snakes, including poisonous one.

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4. At the meeting the king cobra is measured by growth. The one that is shorter is ashamed crawls.

10 Unknown Facts of King Cobra (7)

5. There bite, can kill an elephant.

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6. Like other snakes, they can control the dose of poison. They often bites people without any poison, not spend it on someone whom they don`t want to eat.

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7. In king cobra there are Two members.

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8. Se*ual  – king cobra can take up to 72 hours.

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9. Like most other snakes, they builds the nest and care for children.

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10. They say she has an excellent memory and is able to distinguish the one who caught it from all others.

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10 thoughts on “10 Unknown Facts of King Cobra”

  1. wow such a great fact about king cobra
    i like your style facts with picture thanks for this information.

  2. There are many falsehoods in this post.

    1.) american King snakes also eat other snakes including venomous ones.
    2.) Snakes do not care for their young in the misleading way this post makes one think. They instead take care of the nest making sure it stays a consistent temperature until they hatch, at which point the mother leaves the nest.
    3.) Don’t make a claim starting with “They say” unless you can actually prove it. Snake vision is not so good that they would recognize its owner only, they mainly go off of scent. The reason so many cobras of any type seem to be ok with their “masters” is because most of them are cowards and ruthlessly tear out the snakes fangs or sow their mouths shut so the snake is not dangerous.
    And for the record, don’t say poisonous so much. Technically they aren’t. They are venomous. Venom differs from poison in that a poison has to be absorbed either topically or digested, whereas a venom has to be injected into the blood stream.

    As a member of the reptile community, I do appreciate your attempt at trying to educate the public properly but please do more research before making a post such as this.

  3. Full of inaccuracies brah! The word king preceding the name of the snake means it is known to eat other snakes… any snake that has the word king in it eats snakes

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