10 Unpredictable Escapes in Extremly Weird Accident

10 Unpredictable Escapes in Extremly Weird Accident

The mystery behind the presence of God still remains but if God is not there then who saved these about to die people. There are thousands of instances of the presence of supernatural power on the earth and here we are trying to present some of them. This will ensure you that god is everywhere.

1) This incident of Colarado, America shooked the whole media and people there. Whatever, the driver was very lucky otherwise his photo was on the walls.

A motorist had a lucky escape  when his van careered off a mountain road. In a scene straight out of The Italian Job, Daniel Lyons was left hanging in mid-air after his vehicle plunged down the rock face in Colorado and dangled on a precipice

2) Luck was with this Chinese couple of Hunan province otherwise they were no longer in this world. beware of  using brakes and accelerators while driving a car.

3)  Thank god that the tree was wide enough to engulf the whole car but without contact.

4)  Another Chinese incident but this time its sink hole. One should charge the municipality after consecutive 8 sink holes incidents. This 13ft hole was somehow small to take the whole sedan.

5) Is it real or fake? You consider it as a shoot for a movie but its real. How? I too wondering.

6) After watching this don’t you say that god is with him otherwise how could a truck just keet hanging on the tyres?

7)  Why such incidents happened in china only? This time a landslide was the convict but god saved his true follower once again.

8)  What if your car was there? Isn’t it Trembling? Start prayer from now on.

9) God saved the driver but what about the car? Its pretty expensive dear god. You should have taken my life instead of my lovely car.


10)  A perfect place for keeping the dear car. People usually keep their windows ac there but this man tried his Mercedes car.


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