10 Unusual Tourist Places Where you can stay for the Night

If in an unfamiliar city to stop somewhere for the night, it was mostly all chosen hotel, hostel or a safe place. But there are some very strange places, cool, but very unusual. Propose to expand their knowledge of the possibilities of the night, and suddenly one day come in handy.

10. Aquarium


Few will agree to sleep in a real life environment in fish, but if life is not in danger, then why not try it. The world-famous, the largest aquarium in the world, George Aquarium, Atlanta, have long offered visitors to spend the night surrounded by marine fauna and flora, without sinking into the water. You can roll out the sleeping bag surrounded by sharks, stingrays and other animals. Aquarium workers have developed diverse and different ages excursions – for students and adults.

9. Glass Igloo


In the mountains in the northern part of Finland you can comfortably enjoy the sunrise and the northern lights. Unfortunately, the intense cold will not allow to do it outdoors, but there is the opportunity to stay in a special hotel, and to be able to admire the natural phenomena, the hotel roof is made of glass. Each room is decorated in a glass igloo. Here offer traditional and needle from the snow, but in this case you will not see the night sky. In a glass needle heat and have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery.

8. Museum


The Museum of Nature, a giant complex in Central Park in New York City is 32 million pieces. By day he is crowded by visitors and the need to move quickly to consider all. Employees of the museum provide an opportunity to spend a night at the museum, and no one will interfere. You can sit on the floor of one of the large halls, for example, a number of African elephants.

7. Lighthouse


Many people like the idea of ​​a romantic stay in the role of pirate or captain, but the fear of seasickness, a long separation from family and friends stop. There is an opportunity to plunge into the romance has to offer in the building of the lighthouse, which wants to provide comfort and convenience. Inside the lighthouse, you can go through the same sensations as on board the ship, but without any consequences.

6. Zoo


In Philadelphia Zoo visitors are encouraged to spend the night in a special program designed for scouts, students and families. At night you can watch the behavior of animals and learn something new.

5. Cave


Many people like to visit the caves or wade through them and feel like a horror movie. Expedition in unexplored caves provide an opportunity to go to the uncomfortable conditions without light, and amenities. And for those who are willing to stay in them for the night, offer an entire program. First 4-hour trip to the camp, which will be held the night and in the fantasies of how our ancestors lived.

4. National Park


Yosemite National Park, the beauty of wildlife and magnificent mountain scenery and beautiful lakes, stretches for more than 3, 000 square meters in California. He is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Employees of the park will provide a package of services for those who are planning to stay – from tents to luxury rooms in the hotel «Ahwahnee». In a specially organized camps lovers of hiking and spending the night in the woods. Due to the great popularity to reserve a place for the year would have.

3. Underwater Hotel


Basically, all accustomed to the hotel, where you can easily get to the rooms. In this case, will have to try and win a cup of tea with mint and pad. To get to my room in an underwater hotel «Jules Underwater Lodge» in Florida, the customer must go scuba diving to a depth of 6 meters.

2. TV Tower


In the 80s in Prague built unattractive building, the television tower, which does not fit into the classic landscape of this historic city and resembles a spaceship. Recently, it began to be used as a hotel, where guests can enjoy panoramic views of the city. Inside TV tower completely contrasts with its terrible appearance.

1. Rectum


In Belgium there is an unusual hotel that looks like a giant rectum. This is not a joke. Even have to pay money to get there, $ 165 per night. Total for the year is 200-250 people can visit. However, hotels away from civilization can please not only the beauty and uniqueness of the interior, but the peace and quiet.

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