10 Best Videos of the Day – March 1, 2015

Joshua Coleman arrived at school to drop off his handicapped kid and found a woman sitting in her car, parked in the designated disabled zone. She didn’t have any good reason for using the space, when Joshua confronted her, she got a little angry.

Jamie Smith was driving in Bradford, Maine, when he came across a lost pig wandering down the road. Jamie feeds the friendly pig a cookie.

Host Jimmy Kimmel is amazed by the shocking trend of ignorant anti-vaccine people who aren’t getting their kids vaccinated because of the misinformation they read on the internet, he says it’s an especially prevalent trend in Los Angeles where he lives. Here’s what real doctors have to say on the subject, with some humor thrown-in.

Senior citizens do an “Oldtown” cover of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. Alex Boye brought together a group of Grandmas and Grandpas and came up with this awesome music video that just might be funkier than the original.

Barry preforms a card trick with a unique yoga twist on WISH-TV.

The Slow Mo Guys do some more of what they do best, this time it’s injecting ink into water in super slow motion, beautiful and mesmerizing.

We’ve all been there, that feeling when you wake up and realize you had a couple too many as the hangover kicks-in. Sadly these hangovers can’t be cured instantly (yet). This video from BuzzFeed shows 7 meals to try, that should help to relieve your self-inflicted pain.

Gotcha the Cockatoo runs around the house yelling utter nonsense in this video by Katie Vannoy. Love it!

OckTV conduct a social experiment to see how strangers would react to a homeless child sitting in the freezing cold with no coat. The results are touching and may bring a tear to your eye.

This professional baker has been hired by BuzzFeed to review some of the most common and cheap doughnuts available in the US, which is your favorite?

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