10 Wacky Cleaners

Everyone wants cleanliness, no one wants to see filthy things around them, even if it is an insect. Some do it in the name of sanitation and some do it because they don’t like it, whatever be the cause it’s always good to see the things neat and clean. Here are some of the crazy cleaners developed by some balmy people to help you in the same.

1) Cockroach Swatter Slippers –

The greatest cleaning invention for many people, you can now kill the cockroaches from distance.

Cockroach Swatter Slippers2) Baby Mop –

Who says that child can’t work? Because this baby mop helps you in cleaning your floors through your baby child without exploitation. So try it.

Baby Mop3) Ear cleaning device with video camera –

Some have curiosity to see inside their ears while cleaning. Here is the thing buddy.

Ear cleaning device with video camera4) USB Vacuum Cleaner –

This usb vacuum cleaner can be inserted in your computer’s port and you can clean each and every bit of dust.

USB Vacuum Cleaner5) Human Washing Machine –

Though this useful machine was developed 40 years ago but if it is used today it will still serve the same. This ultrasonic bath machine was developed by Sanyo which can spray water  for 5mins, then the pod will be filled with hot water and offers a massage bath for 3mins then cloud of air bubbles is given to remove the dust and at last dryer can also dry you.

Human Washing Machine6) Self Making ‘Easy Bed’ –

This bed can clean itself automatically without any human help. Again a gift for lazy people.

Self Making ‘Easy Bed'7) Bathroom Cleaning Robot –

surely you don’t like to clean the pots, wash basins, tub and the floor of your bathroom. So the Russian company developed this robotic bathroom cleaner for us.

Bathroom Cleaning Robot8) Cleaner Shoes –

These shoes have tiny floor sweepers which can clean your floors without any broom or vacuum cleaner. These are having rechargeable batteries to get power.

Cleaner Shoes 9) Automatic Fire Fighter –

This fire fighter fights against the fire on its own without needing any human help. It can move through the roller wheels.


10) Vegetable Fruit Cleaner –

This cleaner is the first kitchen device to clean all your vegetables and fruits on its own. Now you don’t have to worry about the hygiene.

Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner

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