10 ways to make use of every inch in bathrooms

How to increase the space in a bathroom? This question is raised by many residents of typical apartments. And if in finishing the living room, a small kitchen or hallway can be relatively free to experiment with furniture, what to do with a tiny bathroom? Consider a few tips to help you look more spacious bathroom, and explain how to make optimal use of every available square inch of space.

1. Down with dark colors!


There is a universal rule that for finishing small rooms is better to use light colors. They create a feeling of spaciousness and allow the bathroom appear larger than it actually is. In addition to white, perfectly suited cream, light pink, light green and light blue colors. At the same monotonous colors does not mean that you can not apply different shades of the same color. On the contrary, it can be done and should be, but only in moderation – too bright colors and strong contrasts still be avoided.

2. Hidden features


Niches, sanitary manholes and the space under the bathroom easily turn into a kind of storage. To hide their contents from prying eyes (hardly bottles of shampoo and toiletries are able to give the interior a special charm), set in the opening hinged door or cover it with furniture blinds. The second option is definitely interesting. Unlike swing doors, furniture blinds do not require additional space for opening – they move upwards or sideways and cleaned inside niches, thus saving up to 30% of the usable area. In addition, their straps are made ​​of water-resistant materials – polymers, tempered glass or aluminum – which is especially important for the bathroom. Such products in Russia is no longer a novelty. In particular, their offers and the company REHAU. Furniture blinds are made ​​to order. Just select a vending model and specify the desired size and color, and even cause any drawing. To install you will need a screwdriver and 10 minutes of free time.

3. Functional design

Glossy furniture – a real hit in 2014. This trend can be very useful owners have a small bathroom – perfect shiny surface reflects light, thereby expanding space. And if you want to not just follow fashion, and turn a simple furniture currently futuristic interior decoration (not at the expense of practicality, of course), you can look at the system cabinets with glossy touch blinds that not so long ago began to be sold in Russia.Just imagine: one touch to a special sensor, and automatically shift up blinds, allowing to get out of the closet all you need. This system is supplied as a ready-closet with built-in blinds. In addition it is obvious benefits for fans of all sorts of gadgets and “smart” technology, sensor blinds are not spoiled, because when opening and closing there is no need to touch the hands slats, thus dirtying them.

4. Free the floor – the key to success

In the preceding paragraphs so much talk about storage locations that might give the impression that the more the bathroom cabinets and shelves (albeit quietly located), the better. In fact it is not. For example, a chest of drawers under the sink – a very controversial decision for a small bathroom, as well as any other outdoor furniture, including massive pedestals. Sex should be possible to exempt from foreign objects, it will give a great visual effect. How to do it? Set the bowl on the counter, mounted on a wall using brackets – something like that, you’ve probably seen in restaurants or clubs. This countertop looks unbanal and stylish. It is made of durable and wear-resistant artificial stone, which is easy to maintain and looks virtually identical to the natural. Especially look beautiful recently appeared in Russia countertops made of artificial stone translucent RAUVISIO Visione with the possibility of lighting, air colors that are reminiscent of the sky and the sea.

5. shower stall “yes”!


Think about it you need a bulky bath? Of course, if you like to soak in it after work, then this advice is better to skip. However, abandoning the bath in favor of the shower, you will not only significantly increase the space, but also to realize some interesting design ideas. For example, you can contact one of the latest trends in bathroom design and install a so-called barrier-free or outdoor showers. It is interesting because it does not have a tray – water simply falls to the floor and discharged with a special runoff.Thanks deprived frame glass doors this shower cabin visually increases room and looks elegant and stylish. However, the fit and the traditional cabin – a place in any case would be much larger.

6. The correct choice of tile

When you select a wall and floor coverings, bypassing the tiles with large decorative patterns or designs.Well suited for floor tile large size generally without any pattern – the smaller sections will be noticeable, so it will seem more spacious room. For the walls, on the contrary, it is better to choose bright mosaic tiles.

7. The play of light


Well-planned lighting not only produce the desired optical effect, but also provides us with additional comfort. Ideally, you can install multiple fixtures, which are included separately. The brightest are not placed on the ceiling, and near the sink (usually the top, right and left of the mirror), but so that the light does not hit in the eye. You can add interior individuality and choose quite unusual solution – a special transparent edge material Lite Edge to end countertops, where mounted LED ribbon.

8. Reflected space


Nothing, perhaps, is not able to visually push the wall better mirror. Typically, a large mirror hanging over the sink only, but we suggest this is not limited. In particular, it is possible to “lift” the ceiling, making it a mirror. However, if you decide to hang several mirrors, do not forget to imagine that they will be reflected.If it is an old wardrobe or washing machine (even very beautiful), the composition probably will seem doubtful.

9. Modesty adorns


Gilded ornaments, designer plumbing or handmade accessories can certainly in the appropriate setting to make an impression, but think about how they will look in the microscopic bathroom? Rather than focus on the taste of the owner apartment they seem out of place and once again draw attention to the sore square meters. Much organically fit into the interior laconic, but elegant objects.

10. All in their places

Any room will seem more spacious, if it is kept clean and tidy, and the bathroom is no exception. So try everything you need to clean after use in cabinets and do not forget to wipe the mirror and glossy surface.Sometimes only a single new element appeared in the interior, able to dramatically upgrade the usual space. For example, the new “face” of the bathroom can be the original designer wash basin, right from the entrance catches the eye. In the following review we picked up

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