10 Weirdest Ways to Miss your Dear Pet

It’s always hard to forget our dear pets, when they died your soul want to bring them back anyhow. You always want to keep their memory alive. You still want to touch them, feel them and hug them. Though it’s a very tough task but here are some of the live examples that keep your pet alive forever.  You should also try them.

1) Pillow containing ashes –

This pillow has a plastic pouch to keep the ashes of your dear pet. If you want to feel their real presence then you have to keep this pillow in your living room.

Hug A Pillow Containing Their Ashes2) Record –

Sometimes music is the best way to remember your loved ones. You love the song or music because it reminds you of your beloved. The company named Vinyl offers you to either record your favorites song or have the company to record a song depicting you and your pet.

Rock Out With Their Record3) Hair Necklace –

You girls can wear the necklace made of the hairs of your loved pet. It will provide you with their warm.
10 Weirdest Ways to Miss your Dear Pet

4) Sweater made of the fur –  

This is a more close way to pay tribute to your loved doggy. You always feel his presence while wearing it.
10 Weirdest Ways to Miss your Dear Pet


5) Ash in the bullets –

You can also load your bullet caps with their ashes. It is also a very innovative way to keep things remember.

Load Bullets With Their Ashes6)    Ash in diamond –

A Japanese company named Lido is offering a unique way to keep your pet alive forever. It can create a yellow diamond up-to 1 carat of your pet’s ash.


Ashes to ashes, dust to... diamonds!

7) Tattoo –

You can tell the tattoo maker to mix the ash of your beloved pet in the ink and then he/she can create their picture tattoo on your body.

Tattoo Them On Your Arm8) Create art –

You can portrait them and remember them whenever you want just by watching the portrait. Moreover you can use the ashes in the color.

Immortalize Them As Art9) Engraved stone –

You can also keep the stone engraved with some lines or photo or foot step of your pet and pay tribute to them.


10)Pendant –

You can also wear a pendant having the image or ash of your dear pet and keep them alive for a really long time.


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