10 WTF Moments of March 6, 2015

Best Bridge in Germany. This happens about twice a year. Tank Bridge in East Germany.

Tank Bridge in East Germany

Saw this bad boy cruisin around Atlantic City.

Cruisin Atlantic City

Being a roadie would have been heil.

Being a roadie would have been heil

Fuck it, I’m staying in today

I’m staying in today

Apparently, the ’50s were rough on housewives

'50s were rough on housewives

Just your average guy benching a goose…

Benching a Goose in the park

Fun up and fun down!

Fun up and fun down!

Blunt advertising, straight to the point

Fresh Balls - Blunt Advertising

I have no idea what is going on here, but somehow this is very educational.

No idea what’s is going on

Of all the things you could have named it…

Cum Park Plaza, great name