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10 WTF Moments of the Day – April 04th 2012

18 wheelers flying…, Heads Will Roll…, Roller Derby practice…, No self-respecting cat…, STOP RESISTING…, Slow down…, Contrast…, Worst Mother In-Law…, eagle…, light my face on fire…

1. 18 wheelers flying through the air in a tornado

2. Heads Will Roll

3. Just a little bruise from Roller Derby practice!

4. “No self-respecting cat…” (taken from Brain and Behavior textbook)


6. Slow down, Slow D- Oh my mistake, carry on.

7. Contrast

8. Worst Mother In-Law Ever

9. This is what happens when an eagle decides to headbutt your plane

10. I’d light my face on fire

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